[WGen]Endless Abandoned City[Race? :D]

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  1. That's why I wanted the example, so there wouldn't be any issues between you and the developer who picks it up.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yeah, good idea xD

    @Richard Robertson View attachment 6721

    Kinda like this.. yeah it's glass, disregard the grass and the lights and all that... changed the bilding size to 8x8, height is in stories of course.. at least 4.

    The layer beneath the building, I want to be smooth stone..

    Idk what we'll do for lighting but I wanna see a demo anyway, if I've missed any details please reply and tell me. :3

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  3. So smooth stone at ground level, brick and glass for the building, and a random number of floors per building? Any kind of doorway or stairs between floors? And then also, how much space between buildings?

    Wait, just realized you said 8 block wide streets in the first post.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    yeah, Edit: smooth stone at ground level within the building, double stone slab around the buildings, and single cobblestone for the road. and smooth stone fills the insides of the buildings :p
  5. Ok. Bad news. Slabs can't be assigned a type during chunk generation. They have to be assigned after that by a populator. Do you really need slabs instead of solid blocks?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    .. nuu, it could be cobblestone block road and double slab footpath (i assume thats a solid block)
  7. Yes it's a solid block, but that's not the problem. The problem is that all single slabs are one block type and have a special value set on them that can't be set in the chunk generator. The same with the double slabs.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    but the default is stone right? so if you leave it won't it fall to stone anyway? (just for the footpath, the road can be cobble block)
  9. Yes, stone slab is the default. Are you looking at double stone slab "sidewalk" and standard cobblestone road?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yes, :3
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    Eventually, the ability to choose custom .schematics for this plugin would be awesome.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    customizing .schematics would be cool, but I doubt that your posting on the right thread.

    Also I think it might be one of those np = p issues.... @richard Roberston is it?, coz if it would be possible to just give block ids to co-ords, then have an algorithm to make it into valid code, wouldn't have been done? :confused:
  13. It's not unsolvable. You just can't customize slabs in the chunk generator stage. I'm currently writing a generator that will create the basic buildings and you can decide whether you like it. It might be finished tonight before I go to bed but probably not finished until tomorrow.

    The reason you can't customize it is that you need to provide a single byte in an array that represents a block data type. Things like non-default slab textures require the material data (usually referred to as damage) to be set as well, and that is outside of the one byte allocated at the generator stage.

    Alright. It is in no way finished, but here is my first test of the generator. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22618541/Bukkit/EndlessCity-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar

    Drop it in your plugins folder and it automatically creates a world named "test" (hard coded for now) and has a command /moveme which teleports you to the world. Lemme know if you like/dislike it and where to go from here.

    One known bug so far, the sidewalk is missing one corner. I already know that so don't worry about it.

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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah alright, I was afraid of that :p , thanks for the test version x3, testing it now.

    Okie, I Tested it, it's working pretty good, didn't notice any bugs other than the corners of course, can you make a version with the blocks of houses (6x2 houses), with footpath around each and then road between the sets of houses next? :3

    Not exactly sure what to do about resources like wood and all that... though it's not exactly intended for being a starting world anyway, so yeah, so far it's good x3
  15. How much space between buildings in a block?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Each buildings has its own footpath o.o, sooo... 2 blocks wide of double stone slab :3
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Richard Robertson

    I added it as a file on bukkitdev so it can get approved and found on the list, hope you don't mind :p
  18. That's fine. Sorry I haven't been able to finish the next one yet. Having some issues finding time with my work schedule. I only get two days off a week and they are never in a row.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    That's alright, I knew you were busy before you started,
    My friend, who is hosting the server finds this prototype awsome, btw, and a little creepy, which is awsome xD
    Thanks again!
    Marcos Cosmos
  20. Glad to see I did a good job.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yush! :D
  22. Simply have some special "buildings" like parks (with trees) and generate dungeons and ores underground as normal. ;)

    //EDIT: And for the buildings: They need doors and inventory! for lightning you could use 2 block thick ceiling with some glowstone... ;)
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    If you want an ores to generate very fast, I modified bananagen's code so that it creates ores in generation (so it's not a populator).
  24. For now I was ignoring everything underground and just generating stone for simplicity sake.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Yeah, that's far from urgent :3
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Richard Robertson I don't mean to be pushy, but... do have anything that's got enough change or fixes to justify it as a Beta version (as opposed to the alpha) so I can apply for the syndication, and public availability of the project? :p

    I know the proper completion is going to take awhile, and I'm willing to wait. I just really wanna go on the list :oops:
  27. No unfortunately I don't. Trying to get city blocks of buildings to work over chunks is more difficult than it sounds.

    Also, I'd rather just be a developer on the project than someone else uploading my stuff. My Curse account is RichardRobertson.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ahh, I see, well, good luck with it then!

    Of course, sorry, adding you now :D
    Edit: added :3
  29. It looks like the first day I'll actually have any time to work is Tuesday afternoon. And that's if I don't die before that with my crazy work schedule.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    D;, that's alright, earliest I'll have much time to do anything with it is tuesday afternoon xD

    Btw, would it be relatively easy to use a config to apply the ids of certain blocks in the structures freely? if not, how easy will it be for you to change say the glass to a custom block when it's made with spout? o.o

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