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    Alpha v0.3
    By T145

    Miss the old versions of Minecraft? Ever wish you could bring them back? Well now you can! Introducing Alpha, the 1.0 compatible plugin that brings the Alpha features of Minecraft into 1.0 (except Weeping Obsidian)! Many of the features included and to be included are both from Alpha and add many new fun functions to a server!

    Video courtesy of Powerpawn!

    - Cook ores and stone over a netherrack fire!
    - Cook gold and iron ores directly into ingots, clay directly into clay bricks (not the block), cobblestone blocks into stone blocks, and sand blocks into glass w/ the flint and steel!
    - Transform lava into obsidian when cooled w/ water instead of cobblestone!
    - Smelt sand blocks directly into glass blocks w/ lava!

    v0.3 - Minor bug fixes (stone can now be cooked directly by igniting cobblestone!)
    v0.2 - Minor bug fixes plus new content!
    v0.1 - Initial release


    Future Updates and Plans:
    - Sponge functionality restoration
    - Ignite TNT with a slip of the fist! (this feature will also be added to a completely independent and individual plugin as well!)
    - Disabling the entering of the End dimension
    - and more to come!

    Please leave any feedback about improvements, recommendations, etc.! P.S. This plugin and code are both under copyright, so I would appreciate it if no one used the code or concepts in their own plugin(s). Thank you and have a happy new year!
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    Can't Wait To See The Vid :D
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    Done! Server IP:
    And you dont need to register T145

    WOOT got the video done! Here is the link. Give me Feed back!

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    Pretty good man! Thanks! If you have any way to improve it (Hint: the recent updates), feel free to apply the extra features to the video!
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    Can it summon herobrine?
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    Lol! My group of Minecraft gamers is named the Minecast! And no, it can't. If people want it in the plugin, I'd be glad to add it. The only problem is that no one ever liked both him or the plugins that resurrected him! :p
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    Hey! I will work on the new vid tomorrow night. Is that cool? If not let me know and I will see what I can do. Also which group of gamers do you play with?
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    Sure that's cool! Whatever fits your schedule! And I only play with my friends. We just came up with the name with the simple joy of having one! It always makes you feel somewhat official.
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    Awesome I'll get on it tomorrow. Thanks for being flexible!
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    Alright, tonight I will work on the video!

    So T145 what are all the features?

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    So, Permissions please? Then i will Definately use this for my server. I want VIPs to be able to do all those things. But if you place lava i dont want it to say like: "You cant make sand into glass because you dont have permissions!" I want it to say nothing, or configurable is best actually. This is just a request.
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    Yeah! That would be awesome!
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    Hey is this also the same biome gen. as alpha? If it is thats super cool. :cool:
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    Emiya Shirou

    What the F does this do in World Generators >,< ? I cam here though it will bring Alpha like world generation to newer minecraft and I meet this sh***...
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    Yes, I get that a lot! It's ok! Here's the deal. Since the code is specified for earlier versions of Minecraft and Bukkit, the world generators (such as the recently added Anvil in 1.2.x) in these most recent versions will have a somewhat perverse affect on the old ones, or negate them completely. Alpha's other features (a.k.a non world generation features) will still work perfectly as far as I know, but I do have to upgrade it soon just because it's WGEN exploits are old. It'll be coming out soon rest assured! I've been working on my own version of Bukkit that will be both mod and plugin friendly, so that's taken a draw back on all of my plugin updates, plus work, family, and friends. If you have any recommendations I'll be glad to hear them! Also, I'm doing a bunch of freelance coding for a bunch of servers, so if you want me to check out or help w/ yours (if you have one! :p) or anyone else's, please feel free to post the IP on this or any other of my forum pages!
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    This is very nice. Was looking for this. :p

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