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    Alpha v0.3
    By T145

    Miss the old versions of Minecraft? Ever wish you could bring them back? Well now you can! Introducing Alpha, the 1.0 compatible plugin that brings the Alpha features of Minecraft into 1.0 (except Weeping Obsidian)! Many of the features included and to be included are both from Alpha and add many new fun functions to a server!

    Video courtesy of Powerpawn!

    - Cook ores and stone over a netherrack fire!
    - Cook gold and iron ores directly into ingots, clay directly into clay bricks (not the block), cobblestone blocks into stone blocks, and sand blocks into glass w/ the flint and steel!
    - Transform lava into obsidian when cooled w/ water instead of cobblestone!
    - Smelt sand blocks directly into glass blocks w/ lava!

    v0.3 - Minor bug fixes (stone can now be cooked directly by igniting cobblestone!)
    v0.2 - Minor bug fixes plus new content!
    v0.1 - Initial release


    Future Updates and Plans:
    - Sponge functionality restoration
    - Ignite TNT with a slip of the fist! (this feature will also be added to a completely independent and individual plugin as well!)
    - Disabling the entering of the End dimension
    - and more to come!

    Please leave any feedback about improvements, recommendations, etc.! P.S. This plugin and code are both under copyright, so I would appreciate it if no one used the code or concepts in their own plugin(s). Thank you and have a happy new year!
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    1. Mediafire links are not allowed, please use Dropbox.
    2. Create a BukkitDev page, since Plugin Submissions and Releases are being removed.
    3. Finish the list, don't cheap out and say "+ more!".
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    1. All tonality is lost in the internet, you sound rude

    2. If you are going to act like this, at least compliment the developer first

    3. The author doesn't need to explain every feature, countless plugin do this
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    1. Well it wasn't meant to be, it's text, how does it have emotion?
    2. Why should I have to give him thanks for me giving him tips?
    3. I would like to know what the hell the plugin does before I were to install it.
    Edit: By the way, when browsing over your site, I noticed you have a download link to the Minecraft client, thats illegal. Which, I think can be justified using this quote from the Minecraft Terms of Service (
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    It's ok, Zombiemold, I don't mind. It's constructive criticism after all.

    Ya, I know. The only reason I had that there was because I was trying to help out one of my friends w/ ModLoader and some other stuff, but I've removed it now! Plus the Terms don't apply to a modded .jar file, only the entire game and software (aka .minecraft for Windows, minecraft for Mac and Linux users).

    1. Saying MediaFire links are not allowed is a bit of a stretch isn't it? I mean when I get onto the "Get Plugins" section of and look up some plugins a large majority are hosted by MediaFire. And none of them can be viral either since MediaFire runs a security scan over every file uploaded w/ BitDefender, and if anything has a virus or malware it's automatically deleted.
    2. I'm working on that! :)
    3. The reason I said "+ more" is because there are a bunch of features I plan on adding and am in the process of doing, but I'll modify the list to be satisfactory!
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    I agree. 10 out of 28 plugins I just tried hosted MediaFire.
    But, that doesn't mean you should continue. I suggest using DropBox so it doesn't annoy people with the "click here to download"
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    Will do! I'm configuring my DropBox and should have the new links up shortly. But until then, please enjoy MediaFire!
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    Actually it does, and the ironic thing is that I was talking to @Zombiemold :p.
    And there was a sticky about the and Mediafire links, just can't remember the sub-forum.
    Nothing can catch everything, your sense if security on the internet, is almost always fake.

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    I'm a pirate, server is cracked. I am aware of it's illegality.

    24 and, not worried. Been doing this sorta thing since most people here were in diapers. Proxies and multiple aliases are a wonderful thing.

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    That's pathetic, you're too cheap to actually pay people for their work and time. That's like me not paying you for doing your job.
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    Pay who? I have 4 legit accounts. I even give premium accounts away to dedicated members of the server (other pirates) through donation money... I am a pirate, didn't say I am currently pirating Minecraft.
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    If you have a download to the client, I would imagine you are pirating Minecraft.
    Also, for being 24, you seem to be confused on how to use a reply button...
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    OR, I advocate piracy. Doesn't mean I am pirating minecraft myself...

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    An illegal copy of it is on YOUR website, so YOU do...
    And nice fail by linking the image.
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    You are getting lost in syntax, and making arguments akin to a 7 year old. I distribute Minecraft on my site, hacked and with mods. That is Pirating, you are right. What I meant was, I actually payed for my accounts, and play legitimately.

    Whats wrong with Neil deGrasse?
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    hmm.. on a side note, since this is the main reason for this post...

    @T145 good job with this plugin :)

    At everyone else, please move your discussion elsewhere
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    Agreed, nice work, hence the reason for me stopping in, and being offended by steak's tone.

    Agreed. I am available everywhere.
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    Thank you! I'll have more features added shortly, so it should be a whole lot better!
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    Deleted user

    Please post something that is actually RELEVANT to this plugin.

    Could you actually make a feature where access to The End is blocked? Thanks!

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    Mediafire links are greatly discouraged, glad to hear you're getting dropbox up soon.

    @steaks4uce @Zombiemold
    Both of you have been very off topic in here, I'm at least glad you've stopped. Please do re-consider before starting an argument next time, though.
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    Sure! I'll attempt to get on that! The Christmas buzz should be over in several days, then I should be able to start getting everything finalized!
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    Honestly I don't understand all the changes this has over the current minecraft (I understand some of them but I don't remember those things and have been playing MC since September 2010). Can you do your features more like "does X instead of Y"
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    As in to change the function of certain operations in 1.0? Sure! I'm actually working on some of those right now, the main project being disability to go to the End dimension. If you can specify what you want changed, I'd be more than happy to look into them and add them!
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    Like the part were you say " Cook gold and iron ores directly into ingots" did they change that in 1.0? I wasn't aware of that.
    If it was all formatted like this line :
    " Transform lava into obsidian when cooled w/ water instead of cobblestone" (not underlined of course)
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    What I meant by that phrase, in case you didn't read ahead, was that they were now able, w/ the installation of this plugin, to be cooked directly into ingots through either a) being ignited by a flint and steel b) being indirectly lighted on fire (ex. by being struck by lightening) and/or c) through the default way, by being cooked in a furnace.
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    And those are alpha behavior? Never heard of them. I've been playing since September 2010, were those behavior before that? Lightning wasn't even in yet. I don't understand how this brings back the fond memories of alpha...
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    That wasn't alpha, that was survivaltest, indev or infdev.
    I can't remember which, it's been so long since I've played them last.
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    It was. In case you never remembered the old method of cooking ores, you either a) cooked them over a fire or b) lit them on fire. I added them having the ability to cook through indirect means of lighting on fire myself! And if don't like the plugin, it's not like your forced to download it, like it, or express your positive opinion about it, though it's always appreciated!
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    Moved to releases.
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    It's not the same as Alpha until you have that bug where the tools durability refreshes when dropped.

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