[WGEN] 1.7.3 Terrain generator

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Jay101, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. With the recent change to terrain generator, i hope it could be possible to make a generator that can be used with old pre1.8 world.

    thx in advance :)
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    Please don't post things like lolwut, noone wants to hear it. It's general forum etiquette to only post something with meaning.

    Anyway, I'm on board here. I'd love to have an old-style world in my server (once it's started).
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    I do have one kicking about somewhere, no vanilla populators though, just the generator.
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    King Rat

    Nice idea, but biomes are client-side, meaning a generator can't set them. Also, we don't have vanilla populators ported yet, and I'm not keen on distributing major parts of the Minecraft code.
  6. could you explain what is the differnce between a vanilla populator and a generator ?
    (just for my knowledge :p)
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    Generators are exactly what they sound like - they generate the land. They then use what are called populators to populate certain things around the land, such as ores, mineshafts, ravines, etc. Each generator has a specific list of populators it uses and if you don't have those populators, you're kind of SOL, as long as you want all of the interesting things.
  8. oh ok.

    I guess, i'll hope notch will "fix" the new 1.8+ generator to produce some nice overworld then ... for now this is just ugly :(

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