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    Category : Chat related

    Name : EvenJoin

    Command / Permissions :

    No command :)


    I want a plugin for do like Hypixel MVP+ when join a lobby/world

    Like : <name> joined the lobby !

    <name> With the prefix if they have one ;)
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    This seems fairly simple
    What ranks will be annouced?

    Okay so I checked out hypixels server
    I think I understood what you want
    Heres the plugin
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    You can edit the message in the config


    No commands.

    Oh,The config is being kinda weird
    If you want to change the message just add
    MVP: "Your message"
    And or
    MVP+: "Message"
    I'll fix it in a few hours its 6am for me xD

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