Weird Bug regarding Timers/Tasks

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by hellboyPS, Jan 3, 2014.

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    we are experiencing a really weird bug which causes timer-dependent tasks to stop working after a while the server is running. This does not only concern a single plugin but more or less all of the plugins on the server (so we think).
    It started just as 1.7 came out (we used early spigot protocol hack) and we are experiencing it ever since (now on spigot beta builds).

    When it does happen, the following observations were done:
    • WorldGuard Flags "heal-delay" and "feed-delay" stop working (health/food simply does not get regenerated)
    • mcMMO totally freaks out; players have their special abilities permanently on once activated
    • Interest plugin does not give players money for their online time, as it should (every 10 seconds).
    • WorldEdit might stop to work (commands seem to work fine but blocks simply do not change, everything else (text output etc.) is normal)
    • VanishNoPacket always shows vanished admins to others as invisible although they appeared.
    • many more
    All of those bugs come at the same time and disappear after a server restart immediately (or if I reload the plugin with PluginManager). I'm not sure how often this occurs, but there can easiliy be a whole day without anything bugging out. On other days only a hour or so after the restart all of this happens.
    I expect it to be a plugin or something which maybe deletes timers? I'm not sure and i wanted to ask here before I start removing suspicious plugins and letting the server run for days without them.
    I searched the sourcecode of all our own plugins for ".cancelTask" but all of those occurences are where they should be.
    These are the plugins currently enabled on our server:
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    Enabled plugins: Achievements, AdvancedBans, AsyncWorldedit, AutoMessage, BKCommonLib, BattleBuffs, Baumfarm, BookManager, BookShop, BungeePortals, BuyChunk, CCLogger, ChestShop, CleanroomGenerator, CommandSigns, CranChat, CranCore, CranEssentials, CranFlymode, CranInteractions, CranLottery, CranRewards, CranRootTools, CranStorage, CranTests, CrancraftEnhanced, DuellArena, Dynmap-WorldGuard, Essentials, FirstJoinPlus, FoundDiamonds, HomeSpawnPlus, ImageOnMap, ImgMap, ItemRenamer, Jail, LWC, LimitedCreative, LogBlock, Modifyworld, MotdManager, MultiHome, MultiInv, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, NoCheatPlus, OpenInv, Permissions, PermissionsEx, PlotMe, PluginManager, ProperTime, ProtocolLib, RemoteToolkitPlugin, SignEdit, SimpleRegionMarket, TeleportSuite, TimTheEnchanter, TreasureChest, TuxTwoLib, VanishNoPacket, Vault, Votifier, WebInterface, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, dynmap, iConomy, neoPaintingSwitch

    I hope someone can point us in the right direction. It really starts to annoy everybody, including myself. If you want me to provide any more information, please, feel free to ask.
    Thanks in advance,
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    are you using the bukkit schedular to schedule your tasks?
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    Excerpt from the custom interest plugin:
    BukkitScheduler scheduler = plugin.getServer().getScheduler();
    scheduler.runTaskTimer( plugin, new InterestingThread(this), 200L, 200L );
    /push. Anyone care to help?

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