Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by cynexit, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    pointfit Try setting your prefix to Stats instead of stats.
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    Wow thanks a lot! But still getting the one box with an error
    Thanks a lot for the help
    Edit: Also some errors when you go the a certain players stats.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    Okay I'll wait for him then. Thanks a lot for your help though.

    Btw, here is the error (they all look something similar to this):

    Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in stats\stats_web_core\classes.php on line 58
    Error! No user with given name "pointfit"!

    And here is my line 58-59:

    if(mysqli_num_rows($res) < 1){
    echo 'Error! No user with given name "'.$player.'"!';

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    Sounds like this is the problem, the program can't find a player with the name "pointfit" in the table. ;)
    Please check your database manually and take a look in your "Stats_player" table to see if there is a row for the player "pointfit".
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    Well now I'm getting a 500 (Internal Server) Error and I didn't change any setting in the files. Anyway to fix that? www.sporecraft.com/stats

    But before the 500 error, it was showing that error for all players, not just pointfit. But I'll look into the database manually. Thanks for the help.
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    That would indicate that maybe it was selecting the wrong table, pls check if the plugin maybe created multiple tables and make sure you have chosen the right prefix. :)
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    Got it to work, thanks a lot for your help

    One last thing, I promise. Every player on the page says that they are online (except ops) when they are not online.
    I'm guessing this is an easy fix, thanks.

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    I need help with this.. tried everything to try to get it to work but no luck...

    http://fezz.no-ip.org/stats <--- some parts of the stats show (be patient, takes 30sec+ to load)
    http://fezz.no-ip.org/stats/check.php <--- weird error
    http://pastebin.com/z7u7Dpnp <--- config.php

    Examples of what I have tried/checked:
    + Prefix is correct (stats_)
    + Deleted all tables and recreated them in case of error.
    + Deleted all WebstatsX files and reinstalled it in case I made a mistake somewhere.
    + Created a new database solely for stats, that didn't change anything so I switched back to my main db: minecraft.
    + All tables are latin1 and correctly created: stats_block, stats_death, stats_kill, stats_move, stats_player.
    + Restarted mysql and webserver (WAMP)
    + Asked lolmewn for help, he looked at it all but could not find a solution.

    HALP ^~^
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    I just installed stats plugin and the website interface at alison-mc.info I get no errors and such but it doesnt seem to be updating
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Simply means PHP doesn't know how to read it because *somewhere* *something* is wrong in the file.
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    could it be because of permissions ? I am using linux ubuntu by the way I didn't edit any files other than config with my database info

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    do you have any idea why i put my server ip and the page stop to work?
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    Seems like you fixed it, I can't see an error :)

    Maybe your host does not allow sockets? Try to add these lines to your config and check the site again for displayed errors.
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    O Velho

    Hi! I just installed this amazing plugin, but I'm having an

    How can I fix it, please?

    Thanks in advance
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    Hey Ive just put your webstats on my site and when i click on players it just says processing and that's it nothing else happens any ideas.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    Lolmewn Config fine syntax errors doesn't say anythingg
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    mclordcraft Means you have syntax errors somewhere in there. Please paste your config using something like pastebin.
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    Any idea when McMMO support will come out with v2 of this?

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    There was a break in development due to some important work (job & university), I'll continue to work on it from 04.08 on. The plan is to release the first beta version on 11.08., hope this helps. :)
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    Recently, suddenly, I was on my stats page and clicked on the players button, and this popped up:

    I have tried re-installing WebstatsX and I made sure my plugin is updated.
    If someone can help me, I'd be very thankful!
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    Hi. I just installed this, configured my config.php, ran check and it failed on line 69

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /check.php on line 69

    Tried to Google the error but its very generic so not finding much Minecraft related.

    Anyone ever seen this error before?
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    Amazing development, Tnx.

    What is needed to display the server stats (Beta). Think I may be overlooking something.
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