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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by quakemaster1209, Jan 14, 2017.

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    I have taken the project Webstatsx that was originally released by cynexit and have updated the code to work with the statz plugin.

    You can visit the github here for updates on the progress:

    Link to the plugin for this web end:

    Please note that This is a work in progress and is not fully functional yet.
    I will be releasing some screenshots soon once everything is working.


    • Rebranding
    • SQL Varibles switched to new table entries
    • Distance Working
    • Players Tracked Working
    • Kills Working
    • Deaths Working


    • Get top 10 lists working.
    • Get Players List working.
    • Add New Entity and Block Images


      Stats3 has been abandoned. This webui is now being updated to work with statz.
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    Current ETA is July 2017

    I can only do so much alone so to speed things up and have the launch moved up considerably feel free to add contributions to the github repository.
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    This is the original Webstatsx interface.
    Except its having the code updated to work with the current stats plugin and have updated images and input for the new blocks items and mobs.
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    Progress Halted.
    Reason: Development/Testing Server Hardware Failure.

    If you want to help keep this project on track feel free to contribute to the github in the OP of this Thread.

    UPDATE: Looking into making this WebUI compatible with Statz plugin too.
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