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    Hello Friend,

    I am happy to announce the first release of our hosting control panel. We released a hosting control panel today called Webister, it is completely written in PHP. It does not use any other language except php, bash, and html.

    What can it do and what does this have anything to do with minecraft?
    Our web hosting control panel connects to your minecraft server and/or buycraft via plugin. It also can act as your server website.

    Is it free?
    Yes our software is completely free, however we may choose to release plugins in the near future that cost money.

    Where can I download Webister?
    You may download it here (https://github.com/alwaysontop617/webister). We do need your support so please fork, watch, and like.

    Is there a demo?
    Yes, the info for the demo is below.
    Vew the demo by clicking here.

    Can I donate to your project and what will the money be used for?
    You may donate at https://www.paypal.me/adaclare. The money will be used towards update servers, our main website, and plugin servers.

    What If I find bugs?
    If you find bugs please visit (http://adaclare.com/errtrck/bug_report_page.php) and fill out the form.

    Thank You for your time,
    Adaclare Technologies

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  4. @dodiaraculus What makes this better than something like cPanel and WHMCS?
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    Well it's small light and simple to use. It can also integrate with WHMCS. It only uses PHP. Heres an example:

    1GB ram:

    Cpanel (Few Users)
    Webister (Lots of Users)

    Webister only needs the fewest resources possible.
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