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    thank you, my server host is creating local mysql databases until i can use this right :)
    im not using mysql for mcmmo now, because i cant use your nice php scripts with that :) but i'll give you my databases as soon as i can
  2. Ok, then i have to build it blind, will work, too!

    Theoretically support for non-mysql versions is possible.
    Flatfile is easy, but the admin has to copy it via cronjob or rsync or ... (even symlinks are possible)
    SQLite is not that easy for me.

    I will (hopefully) finish a first mcmmo version today (for mysql).

    Well, a first version is working, but the lack of table-content makes it really hard to work with.
    Actually i don't know the difference between mcmmo_experience and mcmmo_skills (same table layout), but that's not the problem, i can change it when i took the wrong.
    There are two questions about mcmmo:
    1. Should i implement the Cooldowns to the users page? (I wouldn't do it for me)
    2. Should i implement the Spanpoints to the users page? (Without a Map with coordinates it's uninteresting)
    And of course there are the standard features: playerimages, pages, sort by player/skills
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    hm could be possible that im just speaking for me but i use mcmmo only for Lvl's and skills and not partys, spawnpoints and other things that have nothing to do with mcmmo i think. For spawns I have other plugins so it would be better to just implement the lvl's of mcmmo :)

    okay i can give you my databases now :) dont know if i exported it right :) if not please tell me how i should export them...

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  4. Great! (Thx for the database and the lvl-only request ^^)

    Looks great, maybe you can help me with another problem (i'm sure you can)
    There are two tables: mcmmo_experience and mcmmo_skills
    Skills are the levels
    Experience the exp of the actual level or for all levels?

    Webstatistics McMMO: (prerelease v1.1)

    It's a very simple version, without integration into user-stats at the moment.
    I will add the missing features later this day.

    At the moment i change many little things with the layout
    - fixing problems with browser-zoom (destroyed layout)
    - fixed problems with language- and background-selection, only appearing at the second page after changing
    - changing the search-module (search for letters: search for "har" -> harlekin, harold, lothar, etc.)
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    Thank you for this plugin!
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  6. I think for the next time i won't change anything inside the config-files, so every update i upload won't include them and you can simple copy&paste the directories :)

    ETA of prerelease 1.2 could be tomorrow, most will be bugfixing and optimization.
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    what do you mean with "actual level" ?
    it includes all experience in every skill :)
  8. I don't use McMMO so i can't test it.
    There are 2 table: mcmmo_skills & mcmmo_experience

    For the user with id 2 in mcmmo_skills it looks like:
    For the user with id 2 in mcmmo_experience it looks like:
    Am i right when i say:
    skills = level ?
    experience = experience at level x ? (when a player gets level x+1 the experience starts again at 0?)
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    yes skills are the levels and you are right with experience too :) the numbers have this order:
    user_id     taming     mining     woodcutting     repair     unarmed     herbalism     excavation     archery 
  10. Hi guys, yesterday my son is born, so give me some time for the next updates :)
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    wow gz :) you have all the time you need
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  12. Thank you :)

    At the moment there is not much sense of updating Webstatistics, all i do for now is bufixing, performance increasements, optical refining and some "small" features, like recipe-implementation.
    With the release of minecraft the will be some work to do again ;)
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    Nice Mcmmo, but its kind of hard to make out some of the pictures. And could you add Power Level? Its the stat of all your levels combined. So possibly global ranking can go off of that.

    Also, does not work on Chrome and IE.

    The stats dont load up, only the background and the language choose on the top right. (flags)

    Also, congrats on the baby :)

    Maybe after your not so busy with the baby you can make the mcmmo stats similar to the levelcraft version ? The display is kind of hard to read for mcmmo right now.
  14. @tom

    Of course, McMMO will become a rework in one of the next versions!
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    Alright thanks :) And congratulations on the kid!
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    You should add support for Heroes (1.3)... I would love you forever :D

    Great job on this, I saw it on a server's site and it looks great
  17. The easiest way to get a new module is to give me an example database with entries in it and an idea how it should look like :)
    After rebuilding McMMO i will have a look into the Heroes database :)
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    you can have a copy of my database, been using the same database for ages though so it might be big ?

    what format would you like it exported in?
  19. Oh the size is not a problem :)
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    k, what format would you like?
  21. A normal SQL-export should be the easiest way.

    But it could take some time, because most of my time is used to build our new mc1.0 server and to upgrade a plugin who's dev wasn't online some time ... -_-
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    had to do the same myself, only just got my server back up the other day
    *except update a plugin
    personally not a fan of java

    did i export it right?
  23. You still looking at doing mcMMO for this i would love to see that :)
  24. I wonder how the updates are going with the stat and achievements jar files. Getting the hang of Java or did you abandon it?
  25. @patey
    Can't find the file, wrong link?

    There already is a early version of McMMO, i just have to rebuild the design, because the first one isn't that great ^^ (

    Oh no i will release my own version if you are interested in it. When i worked on it, another dev updated it to work with 1.8.1, but i think i will still release my own version (only very small updates), because i don't like how Stats works with item-IDs.
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  27. @Spicywiener
    There was the wish to split the McMMO table into seperate tables for every Skill, do you agree?
    (No matter what's the best version, the actual table needs some small redesign)
  28. well the biggest issue I have is just the fact that achievements jar keeps giving me a severe warning as it can't find SQL or something while it does update I think. Dunno.
    Anyhow I really hope that most of all the achievements plugin gets to have good update that it can use both the flatfile format aswell as the sql format for your stats mod without having to do the conversion part.
  29. I never tested the SQL-version of Achievements before, i think i have to do it ^^

    I think i'm switching to mysql-support for Achievements and i will provide a Achievements-Generator, too, but it needs some time.

    I've got a working Minecraft 1.0 version of Stats, i just have to test it with the new entities (Monsters)
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