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    I am using the latest WebStatistic v0.92b with Stats v0.99 and it works flawlessly.
    If anyone wants to see my modded stats page, feel free to visit it:
  2. Small information update:

    Most work on version 1.0 is done now.
    LevelCraft isn't supported anymore, because there will be a new version (RPGLevels) i will integrate.
    Achievements still need a small update, but are working.

    Good news: I have worked on a new version of Stats & Achievements, including new mobs, correct arrow-dmg routine, some performance improvements. WS will still be compatible with original version!

    I "installed" another feature -> ID-List with recipes (will be finished at weekend) in your chosen language :)

    I'm sry, but i don't think it will be rdy this week, but i will do my best.
    Next week it will definitly be released, i promise! :D
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    Thanks for your work! Looking forward to an update.
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  5. I will do a pre-release of version 1.0 next days!

    I've got so much problems to take some time to work with the pc and i don't want to let you wait any longer.
    Features of pre-release nr. 1
    - Stats
    - Server Stats
    - iConomy
    - Jobs
    - Item ID-Index
    - Player Stats

    - choose from 3 different languages (en, de, fr -> not full translated!)
    - choose from different background-styles
    - put two things above inside your config and let users choose on their own!
    - fully modular design (own database-setting for every module)
    - most modules work with each other, but they don't need each other

    What will come with pre-release nr. 2
    - Recipes integration
    - McMMO support
    - new version of achievements-support
    - new Stats & Achievements Plugin

    I hope there's nothing i forgot :)
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    Okay, so with it it'll have the new Monsters and Items, but would I be able to implenment it to work with Achievements? Like where it posts the Achievements and such, I still don't understand how I do that.
    Look at the MySQL Error for Achievements, I just want to get the Achievements working again and put them on there :/

    EDIT: Also the guy that made the Stats Plugin and Achievement thingy, when will he update the Achievement generator to new things? AS well as getting it to work with 13xx?
  7. Ok guys, here is pre-release number one!

    It's the core-package working with the stats-plugin and the first three working modules (some finetuning needed)

    WS Core-Package:

    You find the new config-files under: modules/[module-name/config/config.php
    Server-Stats, Show-Player, Material-Stats, Creature-Stats and Stats are using the same config-file!
    It's stored under modules/stats/config/config.php

    Fill in username, database name, password, host and if needed the port and control the table-name!
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    What about Achievements?

    EDIT: Also, there not like before where it sorted everything out from Lowest ~ Highest number, how do I change it to do that and how do I add the Achievements thing to it to make it load the Achievement's from the MySQL Database that has the Achievements on it?

    Suggestion: One more thing is you should add all the different color's of Wool and other items, like with Leaves all the different type of leaves etc, then make a option to turn on Alias, or off, or how ever you'd group them.

    Okay, aside from everything, I fixed the Achievments and things, but how do I add the Achievement thingy to this Webstatistics?
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    thanks for this plugin it is very nice :) the best in its class...
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  10. @beleg Thanks! :)

    Please wait a little, i will rework the Achievements-part and the installer.
    I think the blocks with data-values should be added to the stats?
    Yeah i would like it very much, but Stats doesn't support it (yet).
    Maybe i can do something, but my knowledge in Java is limited.
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    Alright thanks, let me know when the Achievements for the Webstats is working again and I'll gladly use it and test it out and let you know how it works.
    When it works again, please give a guide on how to install it and such.
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  12. Achievements should still work but ok, i never made a good howto for the installer.
    I will upload the new beta-version of achievements to test it, but it's only the old one, updated for webstats 1.x
    And i will give you a small how-to for installation.
    Are you using the flatfile-version of achievements or the sql-version?
    Because i never testet the sql-version and i think it's not (yet) compatible with the module.
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    This looks AMAZING! I'm gonna use this!

    Thank you developer! =)

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    I've never used the Achievements for the Webstatics at all, I just want to learn how to and I'm using the Flatfile for Achievements.
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    Question: I just have to upload the files to my FTP(webserver)... How do i connect MY server to the webserver? Do i need mysql achievments? =)
  16. You mean how to connect your Achievements with Webstats?
    I don't support Achievements-MySQL-version, because i never used it.
    How to use it with the flatfile-version .. i will write a little guide, hopefully this weekend.
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    Yes, that is what i mean.
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    If you write a guide, please let me know.
    It'd be very much appericated ^_^
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    work with the 1.9 build?

    if noone knows i'll try it out
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  21. Not yet, i'm sry.
    Alot work, pregnant wife ... there is not much freetime :)

    Stats & Achievements works, so Webstats does, too.
    But not all mobs, blocks and items are implemented yet, will do it when MC gets released :)
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    wont be another official release till (during for those who go) after minecon
    so no rush :p
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    please add support for mcMMO :) (but better wait until mc 1.9 is out and mcmmo is updated)

    and could you add an search bar too? please...
  24. How do you like the searchbar to work?
    A searchbar for every module or for the playerstats only?

    1) When i type: "IronHero" the search redirects me to the players statistic page
    2) When i type: "IronHero" the search shows the stats of this player at the actual module-page
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    I think the second one would be nice :) or is there a possibility it could show every stats of IronHero?
  26. Every Stats of a player is always a question of the modules WS is using.
    Every module i write is integrated into the playerstats-page, so i think it's enough to build-in a global search function.
    Only problem is, it will just work if stats-module is used.
    But i think most users of Webstats are using Stats :)

    I will write a first version, i think i will publish it in a few hours.
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    wow thank you :) but i really need your plugin for mcmmo too :D
  28. Yeah i know ^^
    Could you give me your sql-database?
    I've only got an empty one, but a used (filled) on would be better for work.

    I've done several things today:
    - build a first version of user-search
    - redesigned the image-cache of players (there wre problems, i fixed them with a fix cache of 3 days)
    - added recipes to item-id-overview

    It's a little complex and i have to re-upload most packages to work with player-search.
    I have no time to to it today, but tomorrow in the morning i will :)

    Now i'm going to think about a table-design for mcmmo! ^^
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    Still waiting for the tutorial :(
  30. Achievements-Tutorial ETA: 14h

    Ok here we go!

    Webstatistic for Minecraft: prerelease v1.10b

    • redesigned image-cache for player images
    • integrated id-list (id - picture - name) -> Module 1.8.1
    • integrated recipe-overview -> Module WIP
      • when clicking on a item-link the stats are shown with all recipes the item is used for
    • player-search
      • at the moment only integrated at stats - default page WIP
    • reimplementation of achievements-installer
      • Guide at the bottom of this post
    • integration of McMMO WIP! :)
    • update for MC 1.9 (waiting for final release)
    • advanced admin statistics (example: playtime last 24h, 48h, 72h, ...)
    • better search-tool
    • finish recipes
    • add custom recipes (already possible, but only with customization of config.php)
    • support of non sql-plugins (not-encoded flatfile) -> a little tricky, but possible for server-admins

    Here we go again. I introduced the Achievements-installer a long time ago, but then i forgot this tool and some of you still have problems installing it.
    What do we need for preparation:
    1. Achievements.txt (you will find it inside you plugin-directory of Minecraft)
      1. Copy it inside the achievements-install directory of Webstatistics
      2. modules/achievements-install/Achievements.txt
    2. Controll your database-configuration inside: modules/achievements/config/config.php
      1. The installer will use the default achievements-configuration!
    3. Go to your webstats-page and use this link:
      1. index.php?mode=achievements-install
    4. There should'nt be any problems, the tool will list all achievements and the last line will be:
      1. Database created successfully!
    5. That's all, but remember:
      1. This module will only work if you use the sql-version of Achievements!!!
    Downloads version: prerelease 1.1b

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