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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by, May 18, 2011.

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    Here :
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    I'm having a bit of a problem with the achievements part. I had no problem converting my current achievements. It shows up just find when I click achievements at the top. All info shows up and colors but when I go to a players page the achievements they have seem to be picked up but parts of the info is miss and colors don't show up either. Also I noticed that there are 3 completely blank achievement sections above these. Do I have to change anything in the playerachievements table?
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    As far as i know there are no modifikations needed.
    Which browser are you using ?
    Can you show us a link please ?
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    sorry I should of known better and posted the link.
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    check if the stats table part in the config is right
  7. @ Tom:

    Thanks for the table, will have a look today!
    With your achievements-problem, strange, but will have a look, too!

    @ Kush

    Weird, but ok, if you sort by Last Login or Player it works, will change something inside the index!

    Had a look into the databse, i think should be possible to add mcmmo to webstatistics.
    I implemented page-numbering and it works for me. Some small things will be changed, too, before i release v0.82b!

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    Its not achievements, the people on the homepage are just not displaying with there playtime amount. I don't even have achievements installed.
  9. It's a problem of Kush, sry! ;)
    I think v0.9b will be released at weekend!
    Changelog is already updated.
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    If the stats table part wasn't right, then the server stats page wouldn't work, now would it?
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    I was just helping Tom out. I changed the table for myself and it did the same thing he had so I thought that could of been the problem.
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    Ohh it will be great with WIP ver. of Jobs 2 :(

    looks absolutely awesome !! [diamond] [diamond]
  13. I had some trouble with our gaming-server yeasterday and today, but i think v0.9 will come tomorrow or sunday

    Jobs 2.0 will come! :)
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    Will mcMMO ?
  15. Yes, McMMO will be a feature in one of the next versions, but not in v0.9b, sry.

    Webstatistics for Minecraft is now Version 0.9b!
    Please read the changelog for informations!

    You have to edit the config.php (see changelog) !
    Delete all old files (not the image-cache and config.php!)
    Download all files again (redesign of WS)

    Coming with v0.91b next week:
    - Item-update of mc-version 1.6

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    Hi, I'm having trouble connecting to MySQL.

    // Script by Jan-Eric Dre├čler,, Webstats for Minecraft (c) 2011

    // Database-Information

    //Insert your host!
    //Insert your port! (optional)
    //Database username
    //Database password
    //Database name

    //Stats Table
    //Jobs Table
    //Jobs Table
    //iConomy Table
    //WS_Achievements Table
    //Achievements-Plugin Table

    //Default Langue (de, eng, fr)

    //Default Logo "http://....."
    //Server Name

    //Menu Signs (the signs between two links in the main menu!

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (4) in /home/content/78/7648678/html/armory/functions.php on line 8
    I have edited my /etc/mysql/my.cnf file with "bind IP =" and ran the command: grant all on *.* to [email protected]'%' identified by '<snip>' in the MySQL prompt. I am able to connect with root locally and remotely using SQLyog, but not with WS.
  18. Do you tried using the port for mysql connections?
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    Yes, it did not work. I tried
    which returned the address as '' on the main page and gave an unknown host error.

    will still give "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (4)".

    EDIT: You know this might actually be GoDaddy..I'll open a ticket with them.
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    I might be having a similar issue. I did exactly what was said to update. The page loads up fine but it doesn't pull info from any of the tables. So I redo the config file again just in case. Still nothing is displayed. The version before this one worked. The Server statistics seems to work...
    stupid mistake on my part. But the achievements on the players page don't show up like they do on the achievements page still. It's still blank and has no color.
  21. @ Survivorman

    I don't know what's the problem.
    It worked for me in several tests, so i think it's a problem with the server, but i can have a look inside the functions.

    @ kush

    I've got some time next days and will work on the achievements-problem!

    Found a small mistake inside functions.php
    Try downloading again and overwrite the functions.php
    Hope this will fix your problem. I'm sry!
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    It was something wrong with my web host, I have decided to host this page on the same server as we host Minecraft.
    I'm having a problem where the hompage of the web statistics does not show players. The web server it runs on is Cherokee and I have php5-mysql, php5-cgi, php5-gd installed (here is a link to phpinfo()). Wondering if this is an error on my part or the script? I have also replaced fuctions.php with the newest version.
  23. The problem with missing players again .. strange.
    Does the startpage shows the players if you choose "player" ?
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    It does not, however the server statistics page works perfectly.
    Here is a link to the page if you want to see for yourself. (Note that I do not have iConomy or achievs hooked into the database yet..but I have the original ws_core files here and it does the same thing.)
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    So, I am trying to switch from Webstats to yours :)

    Problem 1: Players do not show up, like the other users have the problem above. The old Webstats works perfect ( but yours doesnt seem to ( I can manually open a player though ( It does seem like a possible Typo somewhere, but I dont have the time to check all the code.

    Problem 2: How can I set it to read the achievements.txt? You write "WS is able to read the achievements.txt of the plugin and puts it in to a mysql database to be able to show all the achievements aviable on the server." but I dont see any way to do that? How would your script create the ws_achievements table?

    Thank you for the help!
  26. Okay it seems to be a general mistake anywhere inside the functions.
    I will have a look today and try to find the error.

    @ GmK
    My mistake, forgot to insert the install-package.
    Reuploaded the
    Inside you find the folder "achievements-install" and there an install.php and an achievements.txt.
    Put your Achievements.txt inside this folder (overwrite mine) and launch the install.php with your browser.
    It manually installs the sql-table and your achievements-data.

    Fixed some codelines, hope it works now! :)
    Had the problem with my apache, too, works now.
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    Wonderful, got the achievemtns working, thanks.

    Now just waiting for the player list fix! (I redownloaded already, not yet fixed)

  28. Still not working?
    Holy .... wah ..... ok have a look again :confused:
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    Yeah I did a full reinstall to confirm.

    It shows the players fine everywhere (in the server stats, in the iConomy page, and so on), just not on index.php, and I dont know why. I rummaged in the code and didnt find a reason why it wouldnt show them :(
  30. Changed two line inside the functions.php again, please test it :/
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