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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Huh empty database?
    McMMO needs a rebuild i know ^^

    Yeah the way the achievements-module of Webstatistics works is a little tricky.
    It's not designed to use the original database, instead i wrote a script to import the achievements.txt into my own table.
    I need to rebuild this, too.

    But actually i don't have time to do it. Maybe beginning of next year.
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  3. Erm not the mc1.0 version, the 1.8 one.
    Sry can't be more specific :(
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    if you open the plugin in winrar or 7zip you are able to open jars. and view the plugin version it --plugin.yml
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    When i load up the webpaege, it appers blank but if i select a language and refresh it works. Can you fix this ? Im on firefox, this also happens on chrome.
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    Set Lang to en not eng. Do you not know html?
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  7. It's a mistake i made, do what @cky2250 said :)
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    Is this prerelease v1.10b compatible with 1.0.1 R1? (aka build 1597)
    Sorry if i missed this info in the thread, I was just abit confused with the above statement as MC 1.9 has been and gone for a while now.
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    most of it works, this really does not matter with the build of minecraft since this is not a plugin. it is php files for a website server.
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    Hello, I love your Webstats work, but I have one question, how do I ged rid of this (or merge same blocks)? It is there since Stats 2.0.1 got released :(

  11. I haven't updated the languagefile yet, will do it today. Sry!
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    No problem! I appreciate your work on this! ;)
  13. Little problem, what are these items?
    Do you use a plugin with custom blocks?
    The ID's you posted aren't valid item-IDs.

    If not it's a problem with the way i'm logging data-values.

    Oh ok it seems to be a problem of Stats 2.0!
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  15. I tested it with logs and they are working.
    I need some workarounds for this problem.
    The problem is there is no easy way to get item-IDs as is see now ^^
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    the first stats plugin worked, why re invent the wheel. But use the old code to work with what you want.
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    Whenever someone access the stats portal i get this:

    PHP Warning:  mysql_pconnect(): Access denied for user 'minecraft'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/stats2.0/include/functions.php on line 13
    I did not type the username "minecraft" anywhere as this is the database.

    However all the stats and pages work fine, so I don't know where this error comes from.
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    minecraft is the default database name. not username. So i would say double check your database, user, and password, along with the port just to be safe.
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    For yuor stats plugin, even people with /played permission cant acces sit. When they type /played the only thing that appears is /played in white text.
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    can someone put their sql file on this page for the achievements. It is not installing the achievements into ws_achievemtents.sql but it says it does.
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    sql is just a mess but I believe he was working on it.
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    here is the SQL file for the achievements. The english version is not complete! But with this file you could see the structure of the SQL File. I'm from germany so i only updated the german one!

    I also offer my "achievements.txt" file (german only) for the achievements-plugin to download. As i noticed, you have to change the default command to give a player from for example "item diamondpickaxe 1" to "/give * diamondpickaxe 1". It should be easy for you to replace all the "old" commands with the new one...
    For the german ones, just replace the standard achievements.txt from the "achievements-install" folder with this one... it should work for you
    If you switched the plugin to "sql-based achievements" you don't need the achievements.txt file in the plugin directory.

    Hope i could help you...
    By the way: I love this webstatistic!!!! It's way better then the rest of the statistic plugins. Thanks a lot!!!

    PS: If you want a different background for the webstatistic page you could get the original MC bricks from here
    just replace the background images (f.e. /images/bg_dirt.jpg) with the files from the zip-file.

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    Thanks all i needed was the ws_achievements.sql that saved me many hours. I would have had to input it manually.
  24. All i need to do now is to update the damn sql-routines of Stats o.o
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    if u need help mister terra-network then i may help u
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    me too! I'm from germany and maybe i could help to fix some sql and php issues or do some webdesign. Feel free to contact me.

    I really love your plugin!
  27. Oh Webstats is not the problem.
    The problem is the Stats-plugin.
    The original author isn't working on it anymore and my first try to update it was a big FAIL.
    Some weeks later, my java-skills are much better now, i rewrote Stats from ground up with some help at the sql part.
    What i tested now on my server is .. wow
    I think in 2-3 days there will be a great working version of Stats!
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    Thanks for the great info :)! Keep up your good work!

    Bye the way... why didn't you used the original "Ingame- Brick"-graphics from MC for the webstatistic page? In my opinion they look much better then yours... (is it cause the copyright)? Don't get me wrong on this ;)...
  29. I can add them :)
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    wow that was a quick answer...
    This would be really nice! It's just a little cosmetic thing, but thanks a lot for doing this :D
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