[WEB] Vote Plugin for Web $60-$80

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by dann964, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Plugin category: [Web]

    Suggested name: WebVote

    A bit about me: Im a Guy i own a server

    What I want: I like a Vote for the web and player vote with a IGN and claim to get Diamond somethings As:http://shadowraze.net/vote http://www.legendarycraft.com/ http://www.obsidiancraft.com/

    Ideas for commands: /ClaimVote /VoteScore

    Ideas for permissions: ClaimVote.Player ViewVoteScore.Player

    Willing to pay up to: I wanna pay $60-$80 for you hard work

    When I'd like it by: None.

    Similar plugin requests: None.
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    Those website either have:
    Plugins that are released publically
    Plugins that are released exclusively to popular servers.

    If it is the first one, disregard this message.

    If it is the second one, I can do this BUT later. Much, much later, about 1-2 months. I can't do this the websites need to have plugins that link to their servers.
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    Not necessarily.

    @dann964 - Would you mind hopping on the MobArena IRC channel (web link)? I need a couple of specifics, but otherwise I think I'd be perfectly capable of making a solid plugin like this for you.

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