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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by GeekPlaya, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Ever wanted to play an adventure map with your friends but didn't want to have to go through buying/setting up a server?

    Adventure Lobbies provides players 4 hour sessions to play popular adventure maps with up to five people for an enjoyable, lagless, painless experience.

    All you have to do is go to the official website, choose your map, state who is allowed to join, and name your lobby. That's it! Adventure Lobbies does the rest.

    AL (Adventure Lobbies) automatically sets the difficulty to the difficulty suggested by the map creator, loads the map for you, and everything else!

    AL is 100% free with 100% uptime. So feel free to use it however, whenever.​

    What about add-ons that may come with the map?
    AL allows the user to download any notes/important add-ons that the map may require prior to starting the lobby.

    What are you waiting for? Try it out with one or more of your friends by clicking here.

    Please help me get this out there :).

    Can you try it out and tell me what you think?

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    Thank you! This is absolutely awesome! I like the design you did! It could use some flare and abit more info/functionality but I really like it. I've wanted to do an idea similar to this, but you pulled it off in a much simpler way. But you should have a 'catalogue' feature for a list of maps. Just for those that don't like scrolling so much.

    Also, adding keyboard support would be awesome for scrolling through maps.
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    I'll do that tomorrow (the keyboard support), the catalogue might take a bit longer.

    Can you test this out for me?

    EDIT: How could I forget? Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the idea.. it'll take a while to get this out there. It's hard to advertise :-/
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    Oh trust me I know. I posted my MC Launcher in this forum as well. Not taking to well. But at least I got some posts. I have 0 on MC Forums lol.

    I well help you test it and check on it daily. :)

    Edit: Oh yeah, you should make the link to the service a bit bigger in your main post. It was a little hard to spot at first.
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    its failing for me.
    i created 2 lobbies now and both are unable to join. if i join it says your not in this lobby
    and if i change the adress to my lobby name it says cant resolve hostname.
    this is sooo.. wrong..
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    @GeekPlaya Wow! This is amazing! Will use when the site is back online!

    EDIT: I have my own server, but this is great for when I want to put on a quick adventure map!
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    Fantastic idea! I'd like to know some specifics like how many servers are in-stock and their statistics. This may be on the website which is down at the moment.. Great idea! You should allow extended time spots for a small fee. :D

    EDIT: If you need any help with pretty much anything for this, ask. :p
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    You could also have it so people can pay to have it hosted for more time, or indefinitely.
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    There is only one server at this time, allowing up to at least 6 lobbies per day. (closer to about 10)
    I allow advertising, and if it becomes popular enough, I will add more servers and allow multiple matches per server.
    Thanks :)
    Everything should be 100% working now.
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    I'd like to know how to travel back in time :p But seriously this seems like a great service. Love the website design ;)
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    That's strange :p

    You may have submitted while someone else had. I will look into it.
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    Dang how do you make the front page (background)
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    I found the background, I just blurred it a bit over Photoshop. I'm no 3D graphics designer :-/
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    Want to play some Mine 4 Dead?
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    Uggh, I've tried every ten minutes, always full.
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    Try waiting a longer period of time.

    None are running at the time I send this message.

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    Is it running servers in us? or how does it work?
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    Map Request:
    Recommended Players:2


    2 player world adventure!
    Map:normal world
    Recommended Players:2

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    It's running a single server hosted at BeastNode.com
    I chose the last one. Yog-Olympics requires plugins which I don't want to have to deal with, sorry :-/

    Great idea though. I will put the author of the map as you, for the idea.

    EDIT: Your idea has been added.
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    Okay. With this good of hosting-


    I won't move event parties (dumb server name,lol) to CraftBukkit,but I will host a small server on craftbukkit for me and my friends.
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    So there is only one server available? How do you have it run a different map and wipe everything upon new registration on your site?
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    MySQL, schedulers, etc.

    Just added Randomly Generated World :)

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    Server back up online.
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    nice idea :) though ran itno a problem.... i was playing and my frind had to leave for a bit and when he did it kicked me and destryed the lobbby thiugh i started it 10 mins befroe that :p
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    Sent you some money :)
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    It checks every 15 minutes to see if there is less than two people, and if so, it kicks everyone. I will probably change how this works, as someone could leave for a minute, and the server would happen to check at that moment and shut off the lobby.
    Assuming this is Dane: Thank you!
    If not: Not sure if I got it :p

    Server RAM upgraded.

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    It is me :p
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    Haha, alright, just checking :)
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    Just updated the UI, added some maps, and slapped on some nice new features to improve map experience.
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    A new server has been added and the system has been improved a ton! Website going online within the next few minutes.
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