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    ForumAuth V.0.7.7D- WhiteList your server via forums!
    ForumAuth, give's you the ability to WhiteList your server via forums. You may be wandering what I mean by that, and It's simple. It checks whether a player meet's the requirements to join your server or not(By using MYSQL to connect to your forum).
    All features are still being worked on. Not completed
    Another thing, I'm no longer working on any plugin projects except for Guild Wars, CommunityBans(Sort-of), and ForumAuth. Other project's are discontinued.
    Download: Not yet available!
    Build: 0.0.1
    Dev Build: 0.7.6
    Release Date: Unknown - Still have a lot of work to, and just do not have a time range on when this project/plugin will be released. I'm hoping to get it out by friday though.

    - Fully customizable
    - Multiple whitelisting options
    - Multiple forum software support
    - Email verification(Not yet available)
    - Password generator(Optional)
    - Link Forum and Server bans
    - Password retriever(Lost password support)
    - Ability to check a player's forum information(UserID, password, post count, rank, joindate, warnings)
    - Forum banning -> Server ban -> Forum ban(Ban a player from the forum)

    Current forum software's supported:
    - MYBB
    - SMF
    - PHBB3
    Support's almost every server software that uses MD5 encryption.

    Password Retriever:
    This password retrieving system is rather simple. You create a security word, first by typing in: /fa set sw <SecurityWord>. After that we now have a way to retrieve are account if it get's hacked, or you forget your password or whatever, but that's not all. Now to recover your login password, you'd just have to type /fa recover <sw/ID> <ID/word>

    How to setup ForumAuth:
    1. Download ForumAuth
    2. Drag it into your plugins folder
    3. Edit the configuration file to meet your needs
    #Main Config
    ForumSoft: MYBB
    ForumBanEnabled: true
    ServerForumBanEnabled: true
    PasswordRetrieveEnabled: true
    #MYSQL Info
    DB: test
    Username: test
    Password: test
    Hostname: localhost
    #Registration Config
    MinimumPosts: 10
    RankRequired: Member
    Notifications: On
    UnregisteredCanTalk: false
    UnregisteredCanMove: false
    UnregisteredCanLogin: true
    PromotedMSG: You have been authorized!
    GuestMSG: Register for authorization at blahblahblah.com
    pw = -Password, name = Username, id = UserID, pc = post count, rank = forum rank, jd = Join Date, wn = warnings
    /fa user set <user> <group> - Set's a user's group on the forum.
    /fa user retrieve <user> <pw/name/id/pc/rank/jd/wn> - Displays information on the specified user.
    /fa user guests - Displays a list of all the Guest players online
    /fa user members - Displays a list of all the Member players online
    /fa auth <user> - Manually promote a player
    /fa notify <on/off> - Turn notifications on/off
    /fa logs <mysql/errors> - Checks to see if ForumAuth has successfully connected to your forum or not.
    Account Related
    /fa acc - Display's information about your account
    /fa set pw <currentpass> <newpass>
    /fa set sw <SecurityWord>

    - MD5 Encryption

    Dev Build 0.7.9:
    • [ADD]: Command Rework again
    • [FIX]: Fixed SHA1 encryption, and a couple other small problems
    Dev Build 0.7.7:
    • [ADD]: Security Words, are now encrypted with SHA1
    • [ADD]: Code cleanup
    • [FIX]: Fixed configuration file not saving correctly
    • [FIX]: Few problems fixed after doing some rework on the commands
    Dev Build 0.7.6:
    • [ADD]: A few new commands
    • [ADD]: Multiple new options available in the configuration file
    • [ADD]: A Manual authorization command has been added. /fa auth <user>
    • [ADD]: Server | Forum ban - Banning a player via forums, will also ban the specific player Ingame. And banning a player ingame will ban a player on the forum.
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    Hey there i am just wondering how the plugin is going since i been searching for a long time for something like this and i would love to test it if possibly. Thanks for your hard word. Btw how does this handle phpbb3 since they stopped using md5 hashed passwords since phpbb3 came out.
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