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    WebAuction - Website based item market [1597]

    Moving over to bukkitdev - New Project Page
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    For this update I had to add a few more columns onto the players table in the database. If you have used a previous version, open your website and go to the index page (or login page i think has it too) it should run an external script automatically to check if the tables are correct.

    If you are struggling to even load these pages (possible because it breaks the login system a bit) load the page directly by going to scripts/updateTables.php on your website.

    When you have done this check, via phpmyadmin or something, whether the WA_Players table had the columns canSell, canBuy and isAdmin. If it does you should be able to login etc again.
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    Works like a charm! You rock =)

    How is the admin unlimited item feature coming along? I used to have Realshop with shops that bought certain items nonstop at a set price to create a general market and a way to create an income. Will this ever be possible with WebAuction? (A bot that buys a certain item at a set price right away, bot has unlimited cash, item vanishes?)

    By the way, we tried disabling WebAuctions and enabling it and it appears to generate quite some lag for some players (spiking upto 600ms). I tried putting the sign delay time to 10.000 instead of 1000 milliseconds, but it does not work. I do not get any error though. Any way I can fix this? I do use an external mysql database though, but its of excellent speed and connecting is as far as I know great.

    Edit: To update the above mentioned lag issue.. It does pretty much fix it entirely when removing the "shout" and "recent" signs =)
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    Yup any of the features that update at a set interval (those signs) will cause a fair chunk of lag, Depending on the connection to the database etc.

    I'm not sure about the whole admin items thing. I have a feeling it would mess up the market price stuff. But I will have a mess around with it.
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    We now have a twitter feed
    Should be active soon :p - Incase youd like to examine for ideas. Personally I think it really needs some usernames :D So we can see whos buying/listing, etc :p
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    Usernames and things are quite easy:

    purchaseItem.php - line 142:
    $twitter->send('[WA] Item Bought: '.$user.' bought '.$buyQuantity.' x '.$itemFullName.' for '.$currencyPrefix.$itemPrice.$currencyPostfix.' each from '.$itemOwner.'. At '.date("H:i:s").' #webauction');

    newAuction.php - line 54:
    $twitter->send('[WA] Auction Created: '.$user.' is selling '.$sellQuantity.' x '.$itemFullName.' for '.$currencyPrefix.$sellPrice.$currencyPostfix.' each. At '.date("H:i:s").' #webauction');

    Or anything you like really, using any of the variables that have been used on the page etc. :)
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    Thank you very much, works perfectly well :D
    Should totally be added to the actual webfiles in one of the releases :)
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    How exactly do I tell it to use iConomy?
    Both iConomy & WebAuction share the same database.
    Yet it keeps wanting to default to essentials eco.
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    added this on dev site:

    Next update could you add a feature to auto-compile users posts? It's sooo annoying seeing someone post 40+ auctions for 5 watermelons.. when they just could have done all 200 at the same time.
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    Theres a maintenance script for that, which combines all auctions of a user of the same item into one ;)
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    It should automatically group items which are the same, but this means they must be: same item, from same person, for the same price.

    If the prices are different then they have to be treated separately.
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    They are all of the things you said. someone sold 5 watermelons for 10 each.. and put up 20 auctions of it.
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    Can u please update ur repo to the newest version. Thanks
  14. anyone got the player faces to work? do i need to edit mcfaces.php?
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    It be purchase Store System , i think
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    looks really great
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    The world wide central thing.
    You would have problems such as people giving someone loads of money and buying tons of shit, then you have Admin's buying everything, and other conflicts you have to think about too.
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    Is anyone else having a problems with the deposit chests when other players try to put items in them? They get the error msg "that deposit chest is in use" all chests are single chests and I am using the updated spout.
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    Just in case people don't all read the bukkitdev post, just updated WebAuction. :)
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    Installed WebAuction today and have been experiencing this problem.
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    Someone hitting cancel on one of their items for auction just brings them to a blank page and does nothing.
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    Get a newer version :p
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    Works :)
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    Hello i hope anybody can help me!
    I successfully installed the WebAuction Plugin on my server and put the Webinterface to my Homepage but when i opened the Webinterface and Log In, this error comes:
    DataTables warning: JSON data from server could not be parsed. This is caused by a JSON formatting error.
    And i dont see any Auctions on the first page.
    So please answer quickly i need this very soon!
    Thank you!
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    Have you inputted your mysql info in the config ?
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    I'm having the same problem any ideas where the problem may lie?
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    Yeah i wrote the mysql data in the config and in the homepage
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    Everything else is working fine its just the "HOME" page that gives the JSON error and then doesn't display the auctioned items, just says Loading...
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    That's Right, me too!
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    Wow, Exote - that's awsome, great stuff you made!
    My fav!
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    Hi guys,

    if someone else has the "problem" with stone bricks (ID 98), just edit your /scripts/itemInfo.php, search for "case 98:" and replace all between "case 98" and "case 99" with those lines of code:

    switch ($itemDamage)
    "Mossy Stonebrick";
    "Cobble Stonebrick";
    "Stone Brick";
    That's all :)

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