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    A bit about me: I'm a very young guy from Germany who is really interested in programming languages like: C#, C++ or PHP. At the moment I'm learning C++ and later I may will start to code with Java but there's just no time to do so.

    Suggested name: Buy items via website

    What I want: I want a plugin that allows you to buy items from a website and then the items will be added in your inventory

    Accurate (example): Bukkit is running on my own PC. First players join my Bukkit server. There they can do a account for the website with an username and an password ( would be more secure to do a account through Minecraft InGame than through the website ). The server will save the InGame name, username and the password.

    What money it should use?
    There are more then one options - it can use iConomy money, or experience points. I would suggest to use EXP points because then you don't have to install other plugins but it would be harder to controll.

    Realtime - it would be better if the progress is in realtime so players don't have to log out or something and can fast start to play

    After they did their account they can go on the website, login and see, how many experience points they have ( in Minecraft ) . A block of iron may cost 48EXP points (~Level 3). Then they can buy it, the EXP points will be deducted and the item will be added to their inventory.

    How should the website and bukkit communicate?
    I think the website should be run in XAMPP. Actually I don't understand how plugins should communicate with a website, but I think it should be possible if the website is running on the same PC through XAMPP

    Why I want it?: When you can buy ( for example ) items from a Webpage, it's more clear, faster and easier to understand. You don't have to enter any commands, or search any Chests with items you want. I plan to make a big server for alot friends and may be some other guys.

    Infos/Other: There's a plugin called "Buycraft". It's almost that, what I want. Only one thing -> you can only buy things with REAL money. I know, the plugin must be hard to do.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: This should be a default:true permission player.canread and set it to false if they can't read this post.

    It would be really cool if one of the coders can do it. I'm pretty sure this will be a popular and usefull plugin. I hope my English isn't that bad and that you understand everything. If you got questions, just afk :)

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    Could possibly ask the Buycraft dev to make it in game money with vault etc

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