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    Just pushed version 0.4 and it's awaiting aproval
    What does this plugin do?
    This plugin takes general info like the people that connect, the people that are online, who kills who, and then stores the data into a MySQL database by sending it to an online api, and then having the api store it. Why do we go from plugin->api->MySQL? Simple, because plugin->MySQL causes immense amounts of lag if the MySQL server isn't on the same machine, so this removes that fact.
    How do I use this plugin?
    Drop the plugin into your plugin folder, edit the config, upload the contents of your web folder to website directory, edit the config.php file, and you're good to go!
    Why would I want this plugin?
    It allows you to have the resources to create a website based leaderboard, show players online, and soon it will allow you to show even more stuff. (see todo)

    What CB build has this been built for?
    1.3.1 - R0.1

    What are the commands?
    There are none!


    • Frontend API for displaying on your website
    • Add features
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    Download? :p

    /me has super fast response times :p
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    OstlerDev I wasn't done with the thread, just updated :p
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    I know :p I just had to say it!
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    OstlerDev haha :) I just finished updating the plugin so it checks if there is an updated version of the plugin, and it now records the total time the player has been online. :D
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    Seems nice :3 Does it lag much? It could use my plugin for API :>
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