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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by newboyhun, Jul 25, 2013.

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    I did a lot of websites in the last 5 years, and a lot of private plugins.

    If i would do a 'working' and 'new' auction house, how many people would use it?

    I just wanna know it worth the time or not....


    Main features: (It would be Diablo 3 like)
    • Bidding
    • Buyout
    • Search by enchantment (just like in diablo)
    • Search for name (renamed items, probably would be good only for rpg servers)
    • Server shop
    • etc.....
    If you want me to do this plugin+website reply to this thread, if you have any idea let me know =)
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    It sounds good, but I'd have to see what it becomes.

    I might prefer you made a nice slick template web application to work with Hyperconomy. Maybe fork that and also add in a bidding and buyout? Overall, just make sure you're not completely re-inventing the wheel unless you find you prefer to...
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    Hypereconomy looks good but i don't want to depend on other plugins. (Except Vault i guess)
    But i don't really know how i should make the virtual currency, probably we should 'convert' the virtual currency to an another virtual currency (what would be used by the auction house)
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    real currency? Like bitcoin? There are a few plugins that do that already, well similarly, at least.
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    I didn't mean real currency.
    Like all economy plugin, almost all uses virtual currency, like Gold in Diablo 3.

    With a command you would be able to convert this virtual currency (at a rate or tax) to the auction house's virtual currency, lets take an example.

    You have a server with an economy plugin installed, you can configure your virtual currency's name, for example MCGold.
    You setup the auction house and you choose a name for the AH's virtual currency, for example AHGold.
    Then you can enable a tax in the AH for the converting, for example you enable the tax with 15%.

    When a player converts 100 of his/her MCGold into AHGold he/she will get only 75 AHGold.
    From now the player can't use the AHGold in-game only in the AH.
    The player can convert AHGold into MCGold and vice-versa with seperated tax or rate.

    All in the AH would have an inventory.
    From the AHInventory you would be able to send items to MCInventory and vice-versa.
    The AHInventory would have a limit.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    ah, well the confusion for me is that you're converting virtual currency to virtual currency. You and I might see the utility in that, but honestly I think one virtual currency is tough enough. I think a webportal to be able to trade using in-game currency would be a nice extension of many 'server shop' plugins. You'd probably have to queue items though. That is, if I buy 20 diamonds on the web because I see the price is low it sends those items into a queue that I can use a command in-game to fulfill. OR, probably better, you set the plugin to allow the user to designate 'trade chests' and these would contain items you could trade with on-line as well as serve as a repository for items bought online.

    However, I think this might be better in a global game, but as the game is fragmented into little servers its hard to find the right playerbase that would really take advantage of or appreciate an idea like this.
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    Yes that's true =/
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