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    Feature request:

    make it visible in the main list when a package is disabled
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    Feature request:

    We can set the monthly payment requirements of the server and when the money is transacted and see on the statistics the left-over money.
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    Sir Savary

    Feature Request:

    Ability to edit an image we have generated with the image designer, rather than having to start from scratch (I want to fix a missed spelling error, for example).
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    Quantity support and Global commands are planned for release tomorrow.
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    I have an idea for a feature, maybe you could make it so theres a way to link outside links to the shop, for like t-shirt shops. Or possibly make a way to sell stuff that's not with the, lets say, minecraft server?
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    You can set DonationCraft to 'Generic' mode in your shop settings. For example you can create another shop, set it to Generic and all Minecraft Related features will be disabled. Can be used to sell t-shirts or anything else.

    Try using the Paymentwall gateway, I'm sure they accept Paysafe cards.

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    Ok thanks
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    You should make it so that the points are integrated with vault so that we can use the points as our servers economy.
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    DonationCraft Feature Release!

    Custom Item Quantity
    Users can now purchase multiple items in the same checkout. Features:
    • Enable quantity support on individual items
    • Extend expiry by quantity purchased
    • Set user limits or stock limits
    • Quantity input appears on the checkout for selected items
    • Supports sales, coupons and points

    How do I use it?
    In your edit item admin, check on [ ] Enable user to select quantity on item.
    You can also check on [ ] Extend expiry by quantity purchased.


    Global Commands
    Global commands are now possible for all items. Global commands are an easy way to setup a response to charge backs on items or just running common commands on all items.

    How do I use it?
    A new global commands section is available in your DonationCraft Settings.


    Ability to disable minimization of specific categories. Set this in your category settings.

    This feature is now available.

    Quantity feature is now available.

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    can paying through adsense be added?
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    Possibility to buy and create Redeem Codes that can run commands when redeemed. This Would be extremely cool.
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    The ability to add expiry commands to the voting module! I would love this because I want users to only have the permissions for 24 hours (like how often you can vote) because PEX timed permissions suck lol I hope you guys consider this it sound like an simple feature to add, but what do I know :)

    Dude that would be sweet!

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    There needs to be a way to resend all packs at once like say a server resets and you want to re give all items again
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  15. Request:

    Give bonuses or penalties for using certain payment services.

    For example, you could give players a discount and some points for using Payment Service B and charge the players more for using Payment Service A because Payment Service A has higher fees than Payment Service B, but Payment Service B requires you to have an account on their site and Payment Service A doesn't.
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    Yes, like a fake payment, so I can make sure the commands work correctly like other packages, as well as canceling correctly when it's canceled.
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    Sorry To Repeat This Again But Auto-Currency Conversion On Checkout


    The /enjin heads obviously tracks player stats etc, what if there were configurable rewards which the "top whatever" players can claim from a sign at the end of the month
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    a refferal system for players to reffer their friends to the website and minecraft server then run command on the server to the refferer
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    Will it be possible to configure the "recent purchases" section to ignore credit points donations? It would be great if I could keep that section of the store for monetary donations only, rather than having "spent 100 points" pop up. Also, if we could configure it to ignore points donations as "purchase notifications" to the site admins, as it can get quite spammy.

    Secondly, the new Enjin heads shows points being used as "recent donations". Is there a way we could set it to only do that for monetary donations? As points for voting (that's how it works for us) don't really count as donations.

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    When ish the update D:
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    chargeback dropdown selection - does not work - it runs the chargeback commands on purchase.
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    Allow Coupon codes only for users with specific tags!
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    Feature suggestion:

    allow people bonus items or discounts depending on what payment gateway to use, for example if someone uses payza to buy an item, they will receive a stack of bonus diamonds however buying the same package with paypal wouldn't give them any diamonds. this would be great if possible.
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    Features I'm requesting:

    1. The ability for members to do member to member website point transfers.

    2. The ability to set a daily purchase limit on an item, rather than having a purchase limit that applies indefinitely.


    I've been trying to set up a generic point-based store for a browser-based game built on an Enjin website. Most of the features offered are fantastic and essentially allow me to set up a website-wide economy that lets people do all kinds of cool stuff. The only thing missing is a way for members to transfer website points to each other. So lets say Member A roleplays buying something from Member B, I need a way for Member B to wire a number of his website points to Member A. This would cool cause it allows point transactions from member to member, not just from member to store.

    Another cool feature would be one that lets me set a daily purchase limit on an item, because currently if I set a purchase limit of 1 on a item, that means that a player can only buy that item 1 time ever until I manually reset the purchase limit. I'd like to be able to set it so a person can buy something once 1 day, and then has to wait till the next day to buy it again, without me having to manually reset the purchase limit.
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    How do I change a custom option?
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    Will be done soon.

    Point Log Released for DonationCraft

    This feature relates to our recent Website Points & DonationCraft Points System. The log will keep record and track every point purchased / used / adjusted / earned by users.


    How do I use it?
    You can find the new point log section in your Users > Automation & Points > Points Log

    Yes, an update will be released very soon to the latest purchases module. I'll check into the heads point option.

    Can you let me know what gateway you used and your website url + playername that charged back.

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    This is already possible, if you click on a category / subcategory the URL will change. Just use the URL provided to achieve this.
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    1.The store will inherit the website theme, if you want the store or theme for a particular page to change, you can change the theme of the website, or set a specific theme per page via admin > pages > page list > set theme.

    2. Not sure what you mean by that image. Do you mean the drop-down element style?

    3. Welcome message option added to ideas list.
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    1- But i want it only for Donation Store, is that Possible?

    2,3- Yours: http://gyazo.com/b1a2526d3f520720571b9005e195a49d

    Wouldn't it be Nicer if you put it this way:

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