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    They already have a feature on there like this, go to Settings and enable 2checkout as a payment option. This is for the buyers to send money to you, but if You want to be able to add YOUR card to receive the money i don't think that is possible
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    I need a way to ban a user/ip from sending in further donations in the event of fraud.
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    Thought so. Maybe if a users has created any type of chargeback, it will add a "Chargeback Amount : 1" notice next to the name or something? Please be sure to include unauthorized claimes with this too :)
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    You can simply ban the user on the site, and then ban the ip. When they try to go to the site it will load as a blank white screen.
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    You should add a copy tool to the shop Variable tab.
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    I thought of this however in this particular case I don't actually want to ban a user from the forums itself. Just the ability to keep them from donating any further. While the user I need this for is not breaking any rules nor is there any proof of fraud, I am worried and so I would like to cap him off. Not unlike a bar tender denying more drinks to a drunk :p. This is a feature of Buycraft that I have used a few times and would very much like to see it here.
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    It would appear that whenever a player attempts to buy something from the Donation Store while not logged in, it tells them:

    "You cannot use this module"

    What it should say is something like:

    "You are not logged in."

    There has been a great deal of confusion over this.
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    Could you add the feature to import from other donation services (buycraft) without adding them all manually?
    I think this could be done and then you could import from the file you get when exporting from buycraft
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    They do this already. Send in a support ticket with a link to your exported buycraft log.

    I have gotten around that by adding a module directly above my store that only shows to guests advising them to log in. But I agree, the messaging should be made to more clear. Better yet, just pop up a log in screen when they go to check out =/

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    Agreed and I also moved from buycraft. Great job enjin :)
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    I would like to see some sort of implementation of linking voting rewards with the shop system.

    The simplest way I can think to do it is to add a player credit account for each member, you could then use votifier to run a command to credit the player some amount of money per vote.

    IE: Perhaps I want users to recieve a $0.01 credit for the shop every time they vote.
    So lets say I have a rank for sale for $5.00... if they vote 100 times the rank upgrade would only cost $4.00, etc etc.
    The easiest implementation I can think of is to store credits attached to each Username, and to create an in-game command to add credit to a username. Then all you need to do is have votifier run the command on player vote.
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    We'll add a separate feature for this.

    We can import payments data from Buycraft but it's not automatic yet. If you need an import just write a support ticket.

    Can you let me know your website URL or write a support ticket in. We've tested this and cannot reproduce the bug.

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    Feature request:
    A way to remove all the manual payments in the statistic page so i can get the exact number of money recieved.
    Like a "Do not include manual payments" button
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    Is there support for multiple worlds?
    I was wanting to add items in the store like:
    Obsidian, Wood, Stone, Exp bottles.

    I have multiple worlds set up for different types of games. I was wondering if they could purchase an item and choose what world it goes too.
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    What is wrong with the enjin voting?
    I get this ALL THE TIME.. peoples votes randomly do not count, Some people get all their votes counted while others only get 2 or 3 votes counted.
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    Please submit a support ticket: www.enjin.com/support, include details on the users that are voting and not getting counted and what websites they are voting on.
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    It happens when you restrict it to players that have never charged back. If you remove that restriction it works. (at least for me)
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    Could you add so that if you have purchased one item you can't purchase another?
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    Please add a Variable clone option.
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    Will be done.

    DonationCraft Feature Release!


    1. In-Game Heads & Signs for Purchases / Voters / & More
    An epic in-game feature that will showcase the user’s head and sign with relevant details. You can place 10 signs per type above or below a head.

    How do I use it?
    Step 1. Make sure to upgrade to the latest Enjin Minecraft Plugin 2.4.6
    Step 2. Place a head and then place a sign either above or below it.
    Step 3. In the sign, type the specific sign code as defined below for each type of sign.

    Latest Store Purchases
    Display the latest purchases from your DonationCraft Stores! Ability to filter by packaged id included.
    Sign Code: [donation#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the latest purchaser and so on.
    Subtypes: item id (Note: place on second line to only get donations for that package)

    Top Voters of the Day/Month/Week
    Displays the top voter for the day, month or week. Defaults to months.
    Sign Code: [topvoter#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the most votes.
    Subtype: day or week or month (Note: place on second line)

    Latest Voters
    Displays the latest voters who votes for your server.
    Sign Code: [voter#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the latest vote.

    Top Forum Poster
    Displays the top forum posters on your website.
    Sign Code: [topposter#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the highest post count.

    Top Player (Play Time)
    Displays the top players with the longest play time on the server. The data feeds from the website module.
    Sign Code: [topplayer#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the highest play time.

    Top Forum Likes
    Displays users with the highest forum likes or votes.
    Sign Code: [toplikes#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user with the highest like count.

    Latest Website Members
    Displays the latest users who have joined your website.
    Sign Code: [newmember#]
    # can range from 1 to 10. 1 being the user that most recently joined your website.

    2. Set Custom Time Delays Between Commands
    In your item editor screen, you can now create and add custom time delays between commands. Setting custom delays in seconds between commands can be useful for things like:

    • Temporary Perks that last less than a day.
    • Provide Boosts that last a few minutes or more.
    • If you need a certain command to wait x seconds before another one is executed.
    • Series of effects to execute on a delay.


    How do I use it?
    In your DonationCraft Admin > Item Admin, click [Create Delay] and type in the number of seconds you wish to delay. You can now place the delay item between commands. You can also create multiple delay items and order them between commands.

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    I think you should also add "Coal Block" and "Lapis Block" to the item designer, main graphic list.
    Thank you.
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    Can we get ALL mine craft items in the graphic maker, but also organize the graphics by categories : example for current: Money | Mobs | Tools | Armor | Blocks |Potions etc or categorize them as they are in Creative mode inside mine craft.
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    ^ I can provide said images if need be. (id be happy to work with Enjin to add images.. im a freelance Graphic Designer.)

    A few requests, some ive talked tux about:
    -(edit) [Module] Most Importantly id like a bit more customization with the News on the front page.. i know i could use HTML but im sure its not too hard to have like a top left Image case. Whenever i put a new update i always like to add an image that represents it (like maintenance = gear) and having it smack dab in the middle is a lil.. meh.

    - [Donationcraft] More Freedom in Item images (support transparency. http://puu.sh/3LUYZ.jpg)

    - [Donationcraft] Better Coupons, allow for 1 type of coupon to generate its own code that you can copy\paste to the player, that way if we want to give a large amount out without them giving it to there friends too and to avoid making 50million unique coupons

    - [Tag System] Allow a system that you can click "all servers" for ranks that way we doont have to add a tag for each server and use the tag automation thing.

    - [DonationCraft] A Chestcommands like in-game Shop instead of text. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chest-commands/#comments

    - [Idk] Just as a gimic i think itd be kind of cool for a built in dynmap kind of thing. But idk if thats pushing it.

    - [Idk] Same as above.. might be pushing it but a intergrated permissions set up? I know this would take time but idk it would help alot of people out.

    - [Module] Maybe a bit more customization with Server status.. looks a bit .. overly crowded. http://puu.sh/3LVgd.jpg
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    Feature Request:

    Hello, I'd like to pick the Devs brain regarding a feature idea I have.

    First of all I just want to say that I love this plugin, I'm using it together with Enjin and it works amazing. Secondly, I'm an EVE player when I'm not "Admin-ing" my server. In case any of you didn't know, EVE is a complex MMO set in space where the players make the content. In EVE you have this in-game item called PLEX, '30 Day Pilot's License Extention'. It's an item that you can purchase on the public market for in-game currency to add to your game accounts subscription. You can also choose to buy the PLEX off of 'CCP', the EVE Devs, and use the item to either add to your subscription plan or sell it on the public in-game market for in-game currency.

    I'd like to have a similar system on my Minecraft server. To fund our server we have subscription plans, having a subscription naturally gives you access to a plethora of perks and nifty little things. However, we have nothing that people can use their hard-earned in-game currency on. We have a dynamic market which helps a lot, but when you have hundeds of thousands of in-game money, buying a enchanted diamond sword for a couple of hundred doesn't really make a dent in your economy anymore.

    We want to try something out; We want to let the players buy an otherwise unobtainable in-game item from either us to either add as subscription or seed the market for in-game currency. This is a way for us to give our players something to spend their money on, and also, a way of essentially "buying" in-game currency should they choose to sell it on the market.

    TL;DR - A PLEX-like system in Minecraft. An item sold initially by "us" to add subcription time, or sold for in-game currency on the dynamic in-game market.
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    Feature Request:

    I would like the ability to resend items from the "Payments" tab in the shop editor. More specifically, I would like a resend button next to each of the payments made. This button should re-execute the commands for the item. This would be useful when players lose their items due to server problems and I need to send them again. Clicking this button should not reload the page or enter a new one. Another option would be check-boxes next to each item with a drop-down menu at the top of the page providing several options to interact with all items at once. Re-send can be one of the options available. Delete can also be an option available in the drop-down list.

    I actually just migrated my server from one host to another and all of my players lost their inventories, enderchests, and experience points. I now find the need to re-send every item purchased from my shop and, unfortunately, this takes some time when I have to enter the edit screen for each item individually.
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    Feature Request:

    I would like to be able to change the date of and expiry item what was purchased. At now I cant change the expiry days. For example if in 30 days the expiry trigger will remove the tag of the user and the VIP inside the minecraft I want to be ablo to add or remove some days.

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    I would be very upset if either of these were added into the plugin. While the concept of an Enjin DynMap sounds cool and I understand the convenience a permissions feature would add to some people however this does not belong in a donation plugin.

    Related to this, As much as I like the recently added heads feature and have already started using it(because its awesome), even that should be separated out into a stand alone plugin. If additional features like this are going to be continued to be added I am worried about the bloat and general overhead this plugin would take on. I run a server that has 3 plugins on it. Mine, Votifier, and now this. I am a bit of an efficiency control freak. What I would suggest since Enjin has proven to have some good features, is having an EnjinCore plugin that allows other Enjin features to be added on separately and communicate with EnjinCore to share information.
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    Feature Request:
    I would like the option of apply a discount (percentage or amount) when buying an item before it expires. I mean, when a player buys an item that he has alredy pursached and it hasn't expired yet, if he buys it again before the expire date, it would have a sale on that item.
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    Request: Check if there is a free inventory slot when giving out items through the shop. I had numerous times that someone would buy an item in the shop, but would have a full inventory. The server than allegedly gives the item to the user, and the user never gets to have the item.
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