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    [Feature Request]

    - Please open Allopass payment gateway, is waaaay better than Paygol for sms payments :)
    - Contenidopago would be nice too because is cheaper.

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    New Features Released - 100% Free!

    New DonationCraft Sale System
    A new sale system is now available to all DonationCraft stores. Create sales to entice your users to purchase items.

    Create Sales to entice users to purchase more items.

    You can run dedicated sale commands on sale items.

    • Create Sales with Commands
    • Create multiple sales on specific items or categories
    • Run extra commands when users purchase sale items!
    • Set sales viewable to only specific set of users via user tags
    • Items on sale will be clearly indicated by colored sale graphics
    • Set sale descriptions that will appear above item details.
    • Select from discount / percentage off or just run commands.
    • Set start dates and expiry on sales.

    How do I use it?
    In your DonationCraft admin you will notice a new tab called ‘Sales’. Go to this section and click [Create Sale] to get started.

    Custom Variable Logs
    The payments detail log has been updated with any custom global or per item variables a user selects during purchase.


    • Brazilian Real R$ has been added.
    • Various tweaks and bug fixes.
    Stay tuned for more releases! Always 100% FREE
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    Oh man, I should have a sale on my website just to celebrate being able to do sales!
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    Im talking about for the forums end of it but either way. A way for them to be able to input any X amount

    So say they wanted to buy 10 Diamond block and its 1.00 per block.

    They would click on the item the want and it would ask them to input how many they want to buy.

    So they would then input 10 and it would calculate that they would owe $10
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    Brazilian Real (R$/BRL) is now available.
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    I would love to see the ability to have first time purchasers a discount, coupons/sales for subscriptions, coupons for subscriptions that are first/time and recurring discounts.

    Also the ability to create "Admin Coupons" for testing, right now I can make a coupon for 100% off but if someone were to ever guess what it was called could use it for items/ranks. Also the "Admin Coupon" would stop emails/on-site notifications from popping up if selected.

    Would also be nice to see a permanent coupon that was registered to a tag or account that was automatically given at check-out, this way I could give staff/VIPS permanent discounts for life, then you could also select whether or not it was usable for subscriptions and or whether or not the discount applied every subscription payment or not.

    Would also be nice if we could have some ability to edit the messages sent after purchase specific to a item, with this we could send automated reminders for subscriptions, (maybe they want to discontinue there subscription but have forgot) Or we could send special instructions on certain items.

    The ability to allow the purchase of downloads, which would be limited by the extension for safety! We would like to allow our users to donate for "skin packs" that we create. Also backgrounds/logos ect so they can sport our name and feel more like an supporter.

    Could have a file size limit & a limit of how many uploads were stored? (If storing data like that would run you guys into problems later on)

    Also I saw many comments about adding credits/wallets, that would be an awesome idea, we would love to be able to give out store credit in contests/events. Would also be great to allow for users to purchase credits for other users on the site.

    Edit again:
    It would also be nice to have the ability to run recurring commands, that way they could buy Diamonds for a year, then the command /give {name} diamond ## could be ran once a day/week/month/year.
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    Could you please consider adding TargetPay as a Payment Gateway?

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    [Feature Request]
    Can there be a config option with items that allow disabling of using coupons with certain items? I use coupons to sell 'Gift Codes' for my players who buy coupon codes for their friends to use in the shop. But I have run into an issue where players who get the coupon code are using the coupon code to buy ANOTHER coupon code. It's fairly annoying lol.

    Check out my shop @ http://www.awnw.net/vip and you'll see my sub-shop called Gift Codes, where we sell codes.
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    Have you tried using Paymentwall? It might include those gateways.

    New Feature Released

    Google Wallet Payment Gateway
    Google Wallet Payment Gateways has been added to DonationCraft! Google Wallet can also be enabled for recurring subscriptions based items.


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    Feature Request:
    In the "Recent Donations" module, could we please have an option to change the Goal to a monthly goal instead of a single goal amount? So the amount shown in the bar is only those received in the current month.

    With this option enabled, the term "Overall goal" should say "Monthly goal".
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    As what I said before, it skips June the 2nd, because we didn't recieve any donations on that day.

    As you can see the line goes straight from June 1 (150€) to June 3 (40€), instead of going down to June 2 (0€) first.
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    Feature request

    A lot of us use announcement systems to let players know when we're running sales. How about adding sale-start commands and sale-end commands? It'd save us time adding and deleting announcements, and would also allow us to more properly set up sales at future dates. Thereby streamlining our sales. Maybe even commands run at certain dates, for example... On the last few days of a sale, I'd want to change to announcement to "only a few days left! get your rank now to save 15%!"

    It's a real pain having to remember to do this, and sometimes there are situations where players get mad that they are told about a sale that's already ended because I'm not able to get online immediately after the sale is over to remove the announcement.
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    It would be nice if the store could have an option for no images and just the rank/perks like on Buycraft, thus this is the only real reason why I switched, and also it's too complex.
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    Hey there, I don't know who manages your imaging, but can you add some more images of the in game items? Such as:
    Buckets,Water Block, Buckets Filled With water/lava.
    Ability to make it so you can remove the Main Graphic if chosen.
    If you can also have a main graphic so you can type in what you want.

    Thanks for a great feature on Enjin!!!
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    please help buy wont work it says "There was a problem loading the shop, please try again later" and then this in console:
    9:22:45 PM EDT
    [SEVERE] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String
    9:22:45 PM EDT
    [SEVERE] at com.enjin.officialplugin.shop.ShopUtils.addItems(ShopUtils.java:163)
    9:22:45 PM EDT
    [SEVERE] at com.enjin.officialplugin.shop.ShopUtils.addCategories(ShopUtils.java:141)
    9:22:45 PM EDT
    [SEVERE] at com.enjin.officialplugin.shop.ShopUtils.parseShopsJSON(ShopUtils.java:112)
    9:22:45 PM EDT
    [SEVERE] at com.enjin.officialplugin.shop.PlayerShopGetter.run(PlayerShopGetter.java:59)
    9:22:45 PM EDT
    [SEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    i am running a sale in my shop? is that why?
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    Is it possible to add a feature where multiple coupons could be applied to one purchase at once? Thanks in advance!
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    You can edit the category and set it to list mode, the images will be very small. We'll add a setting to disable images in list mode also.

    Can you please submit a support ticket here: http://www.enjin.com/support and please include your /enjin report. ty

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    Is it possible to allow more than 1 of the same item in a cart?
    I have 50c items and I get taxed very heavily by Paypal because of this.
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    Hey any chance u can make it so we can set it pounds instead of dollars? as i have a UK server and im about to start using this but having the prices set as USD really messes up the payments
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    Thanks for the details. The issue has been fixed

    Yes, you can set to any currency. Go to your DonationCraft Admin > Settings and select Pound Sterling for shop currency.

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    Great work guys :)
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    I would like to see a feature where purchasing an item could give the user a Username Special Effect for a configurable duration, including settings to multiply duration (and a max duration) based on number of times a minimum price was reached. For instance, a player could donate $1 for a white sparkle effect for 5 days. Donate $5, and it's 25 days. Although I'm already currently doing this myself, I go about doing this by assigning a tag to a user with a special effect, but I feel it could be easier than having to create a new tag for each different effect. This way communities could gather donations for something already available and able to be automated. Thanks.

    May I also please request that email notifications continue to include variable responses? I relied heavily on a program to scan my email for certain responses to perform tasks for me. Recently I've noticed they are no longer included in the emails. I can't tell if this is intentional or not.

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    When a user has a long enjin name.. it messes up the whole website homepage which is extremely annoying -_-
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    You can force change the user's name via a forum post > Admin > Force Username. We plan to release a new user system that will let you better control this soon.
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    Is it possible to use donationcraft without enjin?
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    Alright. Thanks.

    Oweeeeeeeeen! :3

    No, for now. It's a Enjin created System, hence it is only available on the Enjin platform.

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    Yes you can, just create a free website and delete all other pages and turn off user registration. Place the module on a page and link to it.
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    Thanks for the tip, Its not that I have anything against enjin but I like to have access to my MySQL, full control over my site, etc... Plus I prefer to use smf or xenforno & don't want to pay $7/mo to use my domain for the site :/
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    I think we should have a feature so that if they have purchased one of the lower ranks the next ranks adjust to what they paid for. So if they bought a 5.00 one and then they payed for a 10.00 one the 10.00 one would only cost 5.00
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    Feature Request:

    I'd like to be able to have an "all server ban" option if someone does a chargeback. As I'm running Multiple servers, and as I open new servers I'd like to not have to go back and edit each and every item each time I open a new server. Just have it like it is now, except in an 'every server every item' option somewhere so I can set that if they do a charge back every server automatically does a /ban to them.


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