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    Hey this is something that i think would be helpful as Ive noticed quite a few people on our server do. We have multiple servers of the same thing so we make different categories for each server but sometimes people dont notice that if there was a way were we could make a variable option to choose what server they want it on that would be great if you could implement that.
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    FNG Nation

    First off Tux (& Enjin), amazing work per usual!

    Requested Featureish
    Could we get it changed so when you launch item designer on an item that has already been saved that it keeps the previous item designer options up. Like if I create an icon for an item in the store and save it, later when I want to maybe just change the background of the items icon... it all resets back to default.

    Which would also be useful for similar items that you later clone and just want to change the designers name or main logo, etc. Rather than basically start from scratch each time.

    That's my only feature request! :) Not of any heightened priority, if you're busy forget about it xD
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    Please add a command so users can jump straight to a category in the buy menu. I need this because I have store categories for each server and I want there to be a command so users can go straight to the server they are on category.

    Example Command: /buy c:buildfreeks

    This would take them straight to the buildfreeks category menu in /buy. (The "c" could signify category so it does not take them to a page number.)

    I aim to bind these commands to an item for our hub.

    Thank you for your time, and great plugin!

    please add a feature to pay with ideal for the netherlands so whe dont have to create a paypal account and having a hard time adding a bank account to it

    already thx -TCC-
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    Feature Requests:

    We would like to see another option setup for donation goals. The donation goal that you can have show up in your shop and or frontpage etc that you have so others can see it. Well I want a way where we can say set different goals and what the server gets as a whole for reaching said goals.

    So it would look something like this to a degree:

    $100 -- Drop party
    $200 -- Big Event
    $300 -- Something Random
    $400 -- Space Filler
    $500 -- Etc Etc

    So on the front page it would show each goal. Once the $100 is met maybe even have an option to where we can have certain commands that would auto run on the server to do the said goals like setting everyones rank or the drop party or whatever for commands even if its simple thanks for meeting our goal!.

    Then say it would put a line through it and then move onto the next goal. You would see that $100 would already be credited to each level so for the $200 only an additional $100 would be needed to finish meeting the goal since the first $100 was already met.

    We plan on changing a lot of our systems up a bit and this would be more than helpful!

    Feature Request 2:

    We would like the option in the Donation Shops to be able to set up the subgroups with an option to hide the entire subgroup vs hiding an entire group just to hide one section of it or having to manually hide every part in the subgroup to keep from hiding the entire main group.
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    Could you add a feature where you can move the text on the picture designer. Like you can move the text around the picture rather than just have it on the bottom all the time?
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    Feature Request:

    The ability to have more than 1 donation goal that does not affect the other in question. So we can have Donation Goal A on the homepage and Donation Goal B on a different page and they would literally not effect each other. We could specify which items players donate for would affect each goal etc.
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    Request feature: WebMoney integration, i am unable to use paypal because paypal does not support my country, so if you could add webmoney integration it would be amazing
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    This is something we have on our dev list. No ETAs though :(
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    Aw well at least I know its there. Hopefully it can get bumped into have an ETA soon :)
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    Feature Request:
    Grouping for coupons, groups have their own settings, for instance a maximum amount of coupons used across the entire group.
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    Feature Request

    Ability to add multiple recurring payment billing cycles when setting up recurring payment items.

    I'd like to be able to add multiple billing cycles to items and be able to specify individual prices for each cycle, so that the purchasing user can choose which billing cycle to use. For example, I could specify a base monthly price for an item, then have bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles with slightly cheaper monthly payments. Much like WordPress's WHMCS plugin tends to allow.
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    Please add the ability to only show percentage in Donation Goal module.

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    Feature Request

    Allow the ability to set multiple custom properties of an item in the donation store that are not displayed. An example where this would be necessary is if I wanted to sell a diamond sword, I could set a custom property of 276 and not have to put it in the name of the item for later use. In a case where an item has a data value, that would be another custom property that I would add. I might put this info in the item name anyway, but down below ideally the objective here is to not have to parse information from the name of the item.

    Allow the ability to set the quantity of items being purchased. An example of where this could be necessary is if I wanted to sell a pack of arrows or food I could specify a quantity that would be displayed in the shop without me having to put this info in the name and parse the info from the name.

    The Shopping Module API should be updated to include the content from the above requested features so that writing code to interface with this data is possible.

    In general the donation module is pretty flexible so that you can add any type of item, but there are not enough in game item specific properties. It seems the plugin is geared more towards ranks but I am promoting that it handle ranks and in game item purchases.
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    Please add the ability to input a specific amount when adding a new Payment manually :/ I have "Custom Donation" in our DonationCraft Store and it's set to $1. I don't want to have to do it 80 times when someone donates $80 through a server upgrade rather than giving the money to me. That way I can still show them a thank you on our website.
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    Feature Request

    These features are specific to the website module itself. I really believe these are pretty big issues with the module.

    • List mode should be able to display the description provided.
    • Both display modes for items should include the option to display expiration information.
    In both cases, if I want to provide this information to shoppers, the only way to do this is via the name of the item or creating custom HTML which could be very time consuming with lots of items in the shop. It is not reasonable to have a shopper click the detail of every item just to find out what is included as part of the purchase or what the expiration of it is.

    The Credit Points section is kind of odd. Here is where you choose whether or not the item can be purchased with points or money. Why can't this option in particular (item can be purchased with points or money) along with the input of points that can be used to purchase be moved up towards the top of the Item Details section? Ideally, when I am specifying currency and points, they would be next to one another with the option to choose which type of currency (money and / or points) can be used to purchase an item.
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    Feature Request

    Personal Coupon

    I would like to be able to reward people with a special coupon but I only what that person to be able to do it. So I would like there to be an option when creating coupons to make it so that there is a maximum number of times that coupon can be used total for everyone so that I could make it 1 and give it to the person and then only they could use it.
  18. Feature Request

    Would like to allow people to specify the price they would like to donate themselves, this is for when people want to donate and want nothing in return for it, they can say hey lets donate 5 dollars or 17.96 dollars
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    Feature request

    Separate point currencies on websites. For example you can get some points for voting on one server that cannot be used on another and points that you can buy with real money. But have them in separate wallets. This would be great for people running multiple servers!
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    This is something we're working on.:)

    Thanks or the all the feature requests. They've been added to our list of features to develop.
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    Please change the advanced plan option PLEASE... We se a big difference between the advanced and ultimate plan, this is not fair...

    This is what i want for the Advanced plan:
    5 Slot Teamspeak 3
    70 Modules
    45 Automations
    General Themes
    DDoS Protection (Standard)
    DNS Domain Manager
    Add 10 Minecraft Servers
    30 Warnings & Punishments
    DonationCraft & Shop (Unlimited)
    Basic Logs
    We really need a new advanced plan feature, because it is very bad for now...To big difference between 3 and 30 servers and betweene 5 and 125 automations
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    1. I think the ability to rename the "Points" for the shop should be implemented. :D
    2. I also think that a way to create Items that give a user multiple items (almost like shop item kits). So if a user was to purchase one item they would receive the items from multiple shop items.
    For Example: there was an entire Category in the shop that a user would like to purchase everything from, the Admin could create an item in that category that gives the user all the items from that category.

    EDIT:// I would also like to see a sort of extra module... Something like "Promotional Item" where an admin could add this Module, specify an item in this module, and then select a discount %. Just for the one item, instead of the entire Shop.
    It would include the Item Name, Icon, Previous Price, Current Price, and the Add To Cart Button.

    Thanks <3
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    Hey I'm here to request a feature for editing the store on the web. That you could edit the stile of your shop to make it look like how you like it, Much like the new menu bar v2.0 that just got added but for the shop menu instead.
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    is there a way so that when ever some one buys an item with variables that the owner gets an email with all the variables that were chosen instead of having to look in the payment details?
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    Could you add the option to copy whole shops instead of just single items? I have multiple servers and I am making near identical shops for each server. It would be much simpler if you could add the option to clone an entire shop.
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    We can't have centrailed font formatting on editing the donation store description... Could this be added please?
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    Add source code support to and change text editor, use a open source instead of your uggly text editor please, i need to import my buycraft product, but with your donation shop, product description was so uggly...

    Add upload image instead of upload my picture on a website and put the link. I want to add a picture on my pc and put it DIRECTLY in the description...

    Add product title color. I want to put some product title in different color.

    Thank you, Donation shop section really need a big update
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    I would like to see this added:
    • Able to add check boxes for multiple servers, So lets say ranks are separate one server A and server B. Would be nice to have a check box option to pick a server so you don't have to make two separate shops.
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    Sorry for OT, but for 2 years I have $100 on Onebip but I can't withdrawl them, because it's below their requirements. What can I do with that money? And why people are adding this type of payment gate if its so problematic (because of limits)?
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    Can we get a feature to have more then one sale on a group?

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