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    i want to see a textbox input on product adding.
    so that they can enter a custom text for their product.
    for example.
    i want them to pay money to make a advertisement in the chat. so the command would be /advertisement add Message
    where message is what they enter into the product when adding it to cart

    is that possible? can that be added is there a way around this ? anything?
  2. Hey there!

    I've added this plugin to my server and it's pretty awesome! I've been using buycraft first, but now this. Still almost perfect. How can i set the plugin to listen to all vote's and give a reward?

    The plugin registers there is a vote, register the user. But the rewards don't come up? How do we need to setup this?

    I'm doing it like this:
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    Check here on how to do this: http://support.enjin.com/hc/en-us/articles/200649550-Setting-Up-The-Vote-for-Diamonds-Module
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    I love the new in-game shop so much you have no idea. It's awesome.

    Few suggestions to make it better:
    1. Add a separate shop and category description for in-game. Right now it shows the main description, with formatting jargon. So it reads '[ b]Welcome to...' and it looks tacky, but I don't want to remove the formatting for the people who use the web-based shop.
    2. Add colored text support (if possible). So we can use &bDiamonds to display Diamonds! like other plugins.
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    I'm going to elaborate. When a user purchases and item from the Enjin store, I'm sent a letter in my inbox. I'm always being sent letters about users purchasing items with points. I am not fond of the constant spam I'm receiving from these purchases with points, so I would like to request a way to disable mail notifications for specific store items.
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    is there a way to test a package? so i can enter my ign and run the commands?
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    I wanted to put a variable in the "Expires in", but it does not work.
    And I've see that the Sales are not working in variables.
    Will there be these things in the future? I need these things...
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    Do you think a 'Force Checkout Language' option will ever be available to DonationsCraft's PayPal Recurring Subscription?

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    Please add a command so users can jump straight to a category in the buy menu. I need this because I have store categories for each server and I want there to be a command so users can go straight to the server they are on category.

    Example Command: /buy c:buildfreeks

    This would take them straight to the buildfreeks category menu in /buy. (The "c" could signify category so it does not take them to a page number.)

    I aim to bind these commands to an item for our hub.

    Thank you for your time, and great plugin!
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    Thanks for the requests! Keep them coming, we're keeping note of them all.
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    I'm getting some requests to add PaySafeCard as an option to donationcraft plug-in.

    Could you add a payment gateway for PaySafeCard?
    Maybe do something like this:
    You accept payments from PaySafeCard, pay Paypal money to the owner of the website.
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    DogeCoin support? :D
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    Feature Request: Let users enter their own item ID for items in shops. Now I can only choose from the vanilla set. I run a modded server so I need modded items for some of my shop items.

    I think this would be a big feature that I always wanted. If we can enter our own item IDs I think this would be better in every aspect against buycraft.
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    DonationCraft Release!

    Enjin Minecraft Plugin 2.5.8 Released.

    Update: Version 2.5.8 has been released and supports older Minecraft versions down to 1.6.4

    1. Command Log System & Alerter
    An incredible feature only available in DonationCraft that logs all command responses for shop payments, vote and tag commands.

    Minecraft Command Response Logs
    In your Minecraft > Logs section, all commands and responses will be listed in regards to:

    • Commands run by item purchases
    • Commands run by adding / removing a tag with Minecraft commands
    • Commands run by voting module.

    You can also click into a shop transaction ID and link directly to the payment for those commands and items.

    DonationCraft Alerts when an error response is detected
    In your DonationCraft > Payments Screen, payment cells with be marked RED if our plugin detects any error responses on commands that were sent to the server. This is a great way to check on any potential issue or error that may occur. For example:

    • User Inventory is full
    • User was not online
    • Any possible error regarding the command
    • Server error or any other error detected


    The command log also confirms, successful command execution and response.

    2. Bulk Coupon Code Generator
    New button added to the Coupons section in DonationCraft called 'Generate Coupon', allowing you to generate thousands of unique coupons codes at once.

    Advanced and Ultimate plan coupon generation limit - 1 to 2000.
    Free or Trial plan coupon generation limit - 1 to 50

    • Number of Codes to Generate
    • Code Prefix
    • Effective on
    • Discount Type
    • Discount


    Options continued:
    • Start Date
    • Expiry
    • Redeem Limit per User
    • Minimum Cart Value
    • Recommended items if coupon is applied to cart
    • Apply discount to custom option prices [Y/N]
    • Enable discounts on points also [Y/N]


    3. Stock Update Limit
    UI updated and new drop down menu added to View Item Details window.

    New drop down item: 'Stock Reset Period'.

    • No Period
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly

    Note: This defines when the stock limit is reset to the original value.


    4. Shop Bans & Chargeback Manager
    New tab added to DonationCraft called 'Bans' which lets you manage user bans on your store module.

    Add Ban Window

    • Username (The username of the player you want to ban)
    • Profile ID (The Enjin profile ID of the user you want to ban)
    • IP Address (The IP address of the player)
    • Reason (Reason for ban - Will be noted in ban table


    Bans Table
    New table showing a list of all DonationCraft bans and various information associated.

    • Minecraft Username
    • Profile ID
    • IP
    • Reason
    • Time


    • Banned on
    • Show time of ban
    • dd/mm/yy hours:seconds
    • [Unban] grey button

    Chargeback User Ban Manager
    If a chargebacked user attempts to purchase an item from the shop AND the chargeback setting is ON then they will appear on this list automatically. Admins can now see chargeback / blocked users who tried to make purchases on their site and remove the ban if needed.

    5. Turn off notifier per item and category
    New drop down menus in Category settings and in Create/Edit Item settings.

    Category purchase notification settings (Dropdown):
    • Disable ALL notifications to users, owner, admins & selected users.
    • Disable notifications to owner only.
    • Disable notifications to owner and admins only.
    • Disable notification to owner, admins and selected users only.
    • Disable notification to purchasing user only

    Purchase notification for this item (dropdown):
    • Inherit from global store settings (Default to this)
    • Disable ALL notifications to users, owner, admins & selected users.
    • Disable notifications to owner only.
    • Disable notifications to owner and admins only.
    • Disable notification to owner, admins and selected users only.
    • Disable notification to purchasing user only.
  15. add ideal as payment methode plz its will help peopel in netherlands alot (almost on one have a creditcard)
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    Add A feature where your Economy In Game Can Sync With The Shop

    Like Instead of "points" we can use In Game Cash from our the server.
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    For A Suggestion: Make It So The In Game GUI Can Be Adjusted Because I Dont Like The Double Chest Look To It Just Make It Configurable In The Donation Craft. So It Can Be Only 1 Line Not Like Double Chest Looking Thanks :D
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    I would really like to see the ability to have separate points for different servers. So you could have ranks that require you to vote to get it but not be able to vote for servers you don't play on... if that makes any sense.
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    When using the recurring option with higher intervals the added cost associated with variables should also properly scale.

    When using the "All Text" Variable, you should be able to have a cost associated with it, if someone puts something in the box.

    When using the multiple choice option it should be able to turn on a "child option" based on the selection chosen. For example someone Selects Custom Chat Colours (versus selecting blue, green, etc). A new "All Text" box would come up saying, "Please insert the custom hexidecimal colour code here".

    - Koshy
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    now I don't know if it exists already but it is a great idea, you buy an item cheap, (like a cookie) and its just one but then if you want to buy it again its a bit more, and it keeps going up and up in price, then after a set amount of time the price resets. sorry if it is already a feture, and if it is could ya help m find it, thanks
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    I still wish this had a jump to category command :)
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    Birthday Coupons -
    I'd like the ability to offer each user a coupon code 'Birthday', but only on their Enjin registered birthday.​
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    Please set it so we can rearrange the items in Variable options. I have one variable with over 150 options, and I cannot reorganize how the order of these options, its very frustrating.
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    I would like to see a future where they could trade/exchange xmount of item for points, since not all of my MC players are website surfers kind of people.

    For the ranks/tags Can you also have it set to where you can select certain worlds to have them instead of having to have "all worlds" since I dont have all worlds with same ideal of ranks like one is survival with no goodies or so same for creative world.

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    I am from Russia. And i have the problems with this nice
    plugin. :)

    PayPal restricted payments between russian seller and russian buyer in all currencies except Russian Ruble.

    So, if I set "currency=USD" then I can not receive payment from russian customers.

    1. At first, I will be happy to see "Russian Ruble" in currencies list.

    2. Second, can You add possibility to select two currencies?
    By example:

    By default: USD
    And optionally customer can select "Russian Ruble" and pay in this currency.
    And the exchange rate must be set in admin-panel.
    I can
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    Feature Request!!!

    Ability to Set the Shop icon with Item id so us modded servers can use the modded items :)
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    Madam Questing


    I would love to see a way to add a certain number of points per dollar in the donation in kind section.
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    Request Feature - Promotional Codes
    I would like to let my staff advertise for me and when they refer a player to the store the player can then use a referral code this is to let me know that player x was referred to store/item by staff member x. The reason i am requesting a referral code option to be added is so i can give staff members a % of each sale they refer to our
    store /item.

    Thank you for your time.
    COTTERMAN - FourElementsGaming - Owner
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    All above feature requests noted.

    1 & 2 added to ideas list for future updates.

    Keep the requests coming!

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