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    Feature Request:

    An HTML feature to implement the store into a custom site. Like Buycraft has. Example:
    <form method="get" class="form-inline" action="{CHECKOUTLINK}">
                <input type="hidden" name="popup" value="true">
                <input type="hidden" name="direct" value="true">
                <input type="hidden" name="action" value="add">
                <input type="hidden" name="package" value="{PACKAGE-ID}">
                <input type="text" name="ign" class="span2" placeholder="Minecraft Username" value="">
                <input type="submit" class="btn btn-warning btn-no-margin" value="Purchase">
    Is there a way that you could remove the '/' in the commands option for an item in the shop?
    My current permissions plugin uses a menu that cannot use the '/', so is there a chance that this could be toggleable?
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    REQUEST: I would really like to have a option in the Donationcraft settings where you can disable minecraft username input and only use the Enjin account name. No auto detect+ mc username. I want only Enjin account.
  4. Feature Request : Upgrades for ranks
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    You can already do this via creating custom variables. Look here

    You can already do this manually on your shop by creating the upgrades to your ranks on new shop items that have commands/tags setup accordingly.

    Keep the feature requests coming! We're taking note of them for future updates.
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    Add a thing for each donation (when you go to make one) where it says: If player has (you select what rank) rank, do (this command that you specify). This can be useful for different ranks for the same donation. So if player had Guest, it would run a certain command, if player had Member or something, it would run a seperate command.
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    Ability to add custom ranks so the buyers can enter in their own amount.
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    Madam Questing

    This really needs a way that we can set a funding goal with details of rewards and then add a module to Enjin that will allow people to see how much has been donated and how close we are to the goal.
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    This is already possible on your shop items as you can allow users to purchase the item x times on one checkout.

    You can do this with the Purchases latest module or the Donation Goal module.
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    The access section of the Donation craft Module Does not have the flexibility I need.

    I wish to allow a Staff member access to change item descriptions. The issue is atm There is No way i can see ATM with out allowing The staff member to also have access to changing shop commands / price. or even creating new items.

    my main worry is the running commands part because that has absolute power over the server if you know what you are doing. Would there be any way of breaking up the permissions for editing items a little more?
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    Feature Request:

    Basically what i want to do is have an Iron Donator rank for $10. When a user purchases it they have it for 30 days then it expires. Then after a month the rank turns to $5 so they can renew it for just $5 for another month.

    This may already be possible but i am unsure of how to set it up.
    Please help!
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    You can do this by setting a 3o day expiry on a item in the item editor/creator.
    Then create a shop sale specifically for the item and time it to activate after a month on a specific day.
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    But that makes it so everyone can get it for $5. I want it so if a player purchases a rank for the first time it is a set cost, then after a month the rank changes to $5 just for them
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    Feature request:

    I looked but didn't see if anyone has asked for this to be added. I would appreciate it if you could add the ability to change which server commands will be run on when a purchase expiry occurs. Currently the gaming group i am managing the enjin site for has 8 different minecraft servers and people occasionally buy things for the wrong server. We can manually run the commands on the correct server to activate their permissions but once a purchase has been made on the wrong server there is no way to change which server the expiry commands will run on to match the server they are really playing on.
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    We want to be able to split profits when a code is used.This is needed because we want to help get some advertisement from you tubers who want to take a cut.
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    Feature Request

    I did a skim though the past posts and I did not see this one. Could we please make it so that when you set commands to be run you can set each one to either run immediately or wait for the user to be online? Some of the commands I run, such as setting as user's rank, do not matter if the user is online, however, economy commands almost always require the user to be online.

    This is basically just a request for the wait for user to be online checkbox to no longer be global for all commands but selected per command run.

    Thank you in advance!

    ~ AtreyuMarcs
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    Feature Request

    To Automatically apply a shop item (that is free) when players sign up to the website and have added their character

    Also the previous one i mentioned, to be able to display all characters across bungee in one box by selecting "All" from the drop down menu Untitled.png
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    Make a GUI like BuyCraft with chests!
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    All added to ideas list.

    Also added to ideas list. But for now, you can do something similar with user tags.
    For example: http://support.enjin.com/hc/en-us/a...ing-Minecraft-users-upon-website-registration
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    Is it able that you add a function, for different expire dates for variables? it would be very cool
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    Please add PaySafe. Please !
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    i have experimented with the tags option but as i run a bungee server i can only promote people on the main hub server, whereas when they "buy" the free rank it is fully automated across the three servers i run the enjin plugin on
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    Add a commission box that can be toggled per item and gives an X% of points to the player on commission and make it so you can choose whether to give the commission if the item was purchased with points or cash or it doesn't matter. Also maybe add it so only people with certain tags (such as a staff tag) can receive the commission. (also a dollar to point conversion they can set in the shop settings)


    Player X tells new player Y about the amazing ranks available to buy on the website. Player Y decides they want an amazing rank and so they go to the shop and near the checkout button there is a box that says "Did someone suggest this item to you? If so put their name here!" so Player Y puts Player X's name in the box and hits checkout.
    The rank was $100 and the admins set it to a 20% commission with a $1 per 100 points so player X then receives 2,000 points.
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    I would like to see a "custom variable" that in which you can configure how many slider bars there are and for each slider there is a indvidual variable. Where you can set a overall total required like on https://www.humblebundle.com/#contribute you need to click the CUSTOMISE and those are the sliders am referring to and the amounts will be integers only.
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    Could you add a way to disable Mail notifications when users buy certain items? My main issue is that I don't want mail from the items on the store that are bought with points.
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    DonationCraft In-Game Shop GUI Released!

    (!) To launch the new shop in-game make sure you have updated your plugin to EMP 2.5.5 and type /buy or your custom set command for invoking the shop.

    Multiple Shop Support

    Displays Categories and Sub-Categories

    Select Custom Icons for Items and Categories

    Supports Sales & Culmulative Prices

    Supports Points or Money Prices

    Supports Instant Purchases with Points
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    Can you please make it so coupons can have a option to add tags and only those people can use the coupon.
    I wanna add a discount for youtubers etc but the only way to do it now is to create seperate shop items with half the price. Would be a lot easier if we can just specify who can use the coupons.
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    Can you add a way to give like Gift Certificates or Gift Cards? The codes would be made using either a random code generator or by Inputing a code by hand. I personaly think it should be both because I already have some codes handy for this.
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    Because I run a modded server, I want modded/ custom item icons for my in game store. But now I can only select from the limited vanilla item library. Can we plz add our own item ids for in game icons?

    Really want this! Please!

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