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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Tux2, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Sorry for being a Noob, Ive been trying to search for Admin > pages > page list > theme per page one..
    Can you please be More Specific to where i can find it please?

    By the way, If people Thought a Little they can get the Welcome message Done.
    Take a Look at Mine:

    New Feature Request:

    Can you put a Little Box There?

    Like it would Be a box Saying

    You can upgrade your donator ranks here.
    You cannot upgrade to a rank, unless you have donated for the rank before it.
    If you have any donating questions or issues, please contact us on skype: intenseraids

    I think this would be better than no Line, But its your choice because your the boss here ^.^

    Reply for More Information about this :]

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    <Edit by Jade: Removed a huge quote.>
    Website Integration? <3
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    Hello, Im not Ultimate Im Just Advanced. Does that mean i can do themes per page?
    For example i want Only Donation Page to be White..How can i make that Happen?
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    :D Wow! Thank you so much!
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    FEATURE REQUEST: I was wondering if you could add a feature where the user could input something for a command, for example a feature that worked like this: {input} /nick {name} {input}
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    BungeeCord Support
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    I have few suggestions.
    First, I want to use my native language in both website and command to be sent to server.
    My native language is Korean and I can use Korean on item name, description, but I can't use it on anywhere else.
    Second, I need function that I can enter amount of order like real Internet shopping mall.
    It's pretty inconvenient to add items of single amount and multiple amount.
    I hope you will add those functions soon.
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    Hey enjin! It would be awesome if you guys could make it so you can edit and set the order of "Custom Options", as well as delete selected ones. Thanks!
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    Add a feature for donationcraft that lets coupon codes not count off of sale prices and just off of the regular price!
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    New Features Released!

    DonationCraft Currency Selector
    Users can now select to convert prices to other currencies on the shop’s front-end. This feature can be enabled or disabled in your DonationCraft Admin > Settings > General Settings

    DonationCraft Language Selector
    Users can now select the language on the shop front-end. This feature can be enabled or disabled in your DonationCraft Admin > Settings > General Settings

    Member to Member Point Transfers
    Users can now send points to other users on the same website. Features the following:
    • Send points to other users via [send points] button located on profiles
    • Transferred points are logged in the points manager
    • Admins can enable or disable this feature in points settings.

    Top Point List
    Display a list of users with the most points on your website. Configurable list.

    Top Point User
    Display the user with the highest point count on your website.

    Vote for Diamonds (Rewards) Updates

    Gift Store Items on Vote Rewards
    The voting module now supports gifting users store item if they achieve a vote reward. You can select more than one items per reward.


    New Command System with Expiry Commands
    The voting command system now support expiry commands, delays and if users is online or not.


    Credit Points on Rewards
    Give users credit points when vote rewards have been achieved.



    Item Designer Updated
    • Image Transparency is now supported
    • Upload custom background Images
    • Upload main graphic images
    • Disable background or main graphic.

    Search Item Id or Name
    You can now search for items or item ids in your shop manager.

    Clone Variable
    You can now clone variables in your custom variable section.

    Latest Purchases Module Updated
    Lots of new features have been added to this module. Configure exactly what you want shown.

    This feature is now available. You can enable it in your point settings.

    This feature is now available.

    Ability to clone variables is now available.

    What you describe is now possible via points or gifting store items based on a predefined reward achievement.

    This is now possible. Transparency is also supported.

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    Hey enjin, can you add the following items into the designer for donationcraft?

    • TNT
    • Potion of healing
    • Splash potion of harming
    • Chain armour
    • A set of potions
    • Lava/Water/Empty bucket.
    • Flint and steel
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    You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for adding theses features!
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    For the design editor I was thinking it would be cool if you added different sections for the images (So they are more organized) and add MORE images! (Like a Lapis Block)
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    Request: The ability to give out Enjin Points ingame (With a command based on a permission)Just noticed that's already a feature...

    Also the ability to give out enjin points based on how many hours a character has spendt on the server. (Such as the server automatically giving a player 10 points per 24th hour the character is on)
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    More images will be added, for now you can upload your own item image in the editor.
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    Add Your Own variables like {name}

    I will use factions as an example, say a user on my server want to buy a factions power boost at the minute, once payment is received they have to wait for an admin to execute the command.

    What if it was possible upon setting up a store item you could have a Variable Box Which you enter the title for and when purchasing it would look like:

    Factions Power Boost Of [x] amount For $[x]
    (You Will Be Logged in To Your MC user name on the site so thats okay)
    Title For Custom Variable Box - In This Example It is: [Faction Name] {variable box which enjin could detect}

    And inside the { } they would in put their faction name so that upon purchases you can set it to run commands which read the variable unique to that item

    Hope this makes enough sense XD my apologies if it doesn't and i know this might not even be possible but if it was the possibilities of what you could sell on your server would be ENDLESS :D thanks for your time enjin!
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    Hi developers,

    Firstly thank you for this awesome plugin.. yesterday I installed it into my server and I really like the layout & setup.

    Although I have a problem/question:

    When {user} purchases donator rank from my Shop I want them to automatic be put into the donator group.
    As far as I know the command is: /manuadd {user} donator - Although how would you do it automatically so it detects the user who payed for donator and then it applies it in the server?

    Sorry my explaining is bad, I hope you understand my concern..
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    I used to have this problem, make sure you have the correct enjin Auth key in for your server and them make sure on the shop you check the box that requires the user to be online, don't really know why but group manager can be selective of when it moves people's groups and its more likely to work when they're online. Hope this helps! :)
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    Can you please add recent donation/ donation goals/ top donator modules, something of the like?
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    Okay. Also there are 3 things I think will be very helpful. First off, when you edit an image using the image launcher (Implying that you already made an image) instead of resetting the image to the default it would be nice if it had the image you had before you click image launcher. This could be very useful when cloning items and you just need to edit one thing!

    Secondly, it would be cool if you could buy a coupon with Credit Points (A unique discount only for the user that bought it with the points) so that they could then use the coupon to save real money.

    Finally, having different sections in the image launcher or being able to search for an image/background would be nice too.
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    I would like to request a feature. Allow in-game notifications to be sent to players telling them if they got accepted for staff or not under the applications module.
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    You could create a custom tag for Accepted, and then add that to 'If approved ADD these tag(s) to the user' within the application settings.

    Finally, go to the new 'Accepted' tag settings, add this to the 'Commands' section:

    /mail send {name} Congratulations, your application was accepted!
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    Bug report for the webstore.

    This bug is typically just an annoyance, but becomes VERY problematic with limited quantity items. Sometimes, confirmation emails are not sent out when a user purchases an item. Another symptom of this bug is that the quantity of the item does not drop. However, all commands go through successfully and payment is properly received. Something bugs out between command queuing and webstore authentication. I have one user, for example, that has made six purchases since June. However, only one of those payments shows up in my payments history. Furthermore, when I view details of that purchase, it properly shows every purchase the user has made. One thing is living correctly while the other isn't.
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    Those modules are all available. Check your admin > modules section. You can create and place various modules on your pages.

    Thanks for the report, could you please write a support ticket to www.enjin.com/support and we can check it out asap.

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    But what could I do if it was declined?
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    Any hints of upcoming features? :)
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    I have a rank on my server called "Custom" where you can select your own custom prefix, and what I'm doing is adding another donation called "Custom prefix" for free but requires the "Custom" rank to purchase. What I want is so whenever a person with the "Custom" rank purchases this "Custom Prefix" rank they can type into a text box a limited amount of letters. Then in the run commands section it would have an option "{textbox}" or whatever aswell as "{name}" so for exmaple I can do "/pex user {name} prefix set "{textbox}" and their prefix would be set. I think this might be useful for other things to and for a lot of other people. Please do so because this means not just I will benefit from this, but also other will, and my donators can change their prefix whenever they want.
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    Tux2 enjin
    Please have access to MySQL databases. Make a table like player_rank, make a VARCHAR of the player name, and have one column with TEXT saying what rank they bought (the name would be added on purchase). I want this because every time I have someone buy a service through DonationCraft, I have to manually add them into the database table. The problem with that is I might not be on at the time, and if I keep growing and get an immense amount of players of my server, I won't be able to give them their proper rank until I manually do it. Please tell me if you have any intentions on introducing this feature in the future! Thanks!

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