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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SpaceCP, Feb 3, 2012.

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    yes, exactly thats it. because my server is a round server where every new game we need to delete all player
    data's to start a new one, and i want my admins to be able to do it aswell but from the spacebukkit.
  2. So you want to be able to modify things like player.dat's..there will be a file viewer in 1.3
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    That will be awesome!
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    Do you even have a WEBSERVER on this mac?
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    At this point, I do not remember if I included cd or not. The issue happened a while ago...
    I'm worried about trying again.
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    I get the Unable to Ping RTK error, and it is a module problem as port 2012 isnt responding to ping. I am running 1.2, everything works fine except for the module.

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    Just out of curiosity, does this have crash detection? It doesn't look like it does, but it is worth knowing.
  8. RemoteToolkit does
  9. I'm curious like hell on how the v2 will be... Until release, you think you could show some previews? Just to ease my curiosity? ;)

    Nevermind. Saw on the forum for it that it's updated screen. Thought it was old. :p
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    I know, I use it, but really, I don't use anything but it's crash detection.
    I don't want to waste space / most of that plugin.
  11. Your talking about the RemoteToolkit plugin? I think it's included in the wrapper. My understanding is the plugin only provides in game commands
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    About a month ago, I played around with it. The only useful feature I found was the crash detection, which would stop then start the server in the case of a severe error.
    RemoteToolkit also has auto restarts, auto shutdowns, auto startups, remote access, and various other things that I can't think of at the moment. What I dislike is the remote access because it is just a console from another computer. If I were to get a plugin like that, I would prefer it to be something like spacebukkit or mcmyadmin.
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    O.K. I have tried reinstalling Spacebukkit. At the moment, nothing bad has happend to my Mac (I repaired my permissions right after install just to be safe). I've put it in htdocs (for xampp). Now, I am stumped with this error:
    It seems like either your rewrite engine is not running or you first need to add some rewrite-rules!
    SpaceBukkit uses .htaccess files and rewrite to create it's URLs.
    Please enable your rewrite engine and/or add the rewrite rules in the .htaccess file to your webservers config and restart your webserver.
    I know you guys are familiar with the error, for that is what the index.php is in the install folder. So, can you guys help me solve this error? I've never used xampp's commandline, and when I opened XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp, it opened terminal (the command line I think), then closed it right after! I also do not know where the AllowOveride is in my webroot directory. I realized there is a webroot directory in the app folder, but ... ???

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    It seems like the download is offline.
    I tried a bunch of links, and none work, is it just me?

    EDIT: The entire dl.xereo.net domain seems to be down.
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    Is space bukkit ready for me to use or is it still in alpha stage?
    I don't want to try and install it then find it's down :p
  16. Yep, it's ready for use

    In other news: SpaceBukkit 1.2 RC 2 was released! Be sure to try it out, fixes a ton of bugs that were in the first RC
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    I've got this error now as well :(
    I'm using wamp server, anyone know how to fix it please?
    Edit: fixed!
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    How did you fix it?
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    I cant get this to work .. get stuck on 4 of 5 ..
    The server was not reached. Please check your data. ...
    I think it has to do with my website not the game .. i can ping both 2011 and 2012 and get pong as a result
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    How do you make it so it's not just localhost?
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    Ah great thanks, i port forwarded port 80 and it seems to work now :D
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    SpaceBukkit website is for who have FULL HD MONITOR, or you will see many things out of place, I dont like that.

    Antariano should think about people who do not have full hd monitor.
  24. Can you post a screenshot of what you see? It works fine on my HD monitor as well as my 2002 laptop screen (Totally not full hd)
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    it should work for all resolutions down to 960px screen width. Can you post a screenshot please?
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    Would I be allowed to use SpaceBukkit to sell VPS's? I'm going to be selling VPS's for a set price to be used as Minecraft servers and installing SpaceBukkit on them and then giving them to the customer. Is that allowed?

  27. Currently, it is allowed for evaluation purposes. As SpaceBukkit moves further along in the development process, there will eventually be fee for hosting companies
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    Is this compatable with Tekkit?
  29. Yes, but there is one small error on enable (That can be ignored for the time being) that will be fixed soon
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    I installed it, do you know why the dashboard would load extremely slow? Takes 10~ seconds for each page. And this only happens after login to the dashboard. Meaning I can refresh the login page, etc, and it will load very fast each time.

    I am running this on Debian.
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