[WEB/ADMIN] SpaceBukkit Beta 1.2 - Web Administration the awesome way!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SpaceCP, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Goto the server page, choose server properties and change the max. Players amount... This defaults to what you have set in your server.properties file. SpaceBukkit doesn't change player amounts.
    Also, you don't have to post 3 times, you would've got your answer after your first post as I got notified.

    Sure you removed the spacemodule jar in toolkit/modules? As this installs SpaceBukkit for you..

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  3. Awesome Plugin :) Keep going to be awesome !

    Edit: On stopping / restarting the Server i get this Error
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    Are you using Tekkit by chance?
  5. Answered on github :)
  6. Nope i followed your instructions with RemoteToolkit :) And this questions is answered in your forums.
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    So how should I install on Mac... The file is broken and (I think) taken down...
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    The install for Mac was bugged as you can read (what I wrote):
  9. Well that doesn't sound good. When you run install.sh, that's where the install will be installed. Besides that, not much I know, I'm just the java guy ;) Antariano and Jamy can check in the morning
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    I thought the same. It was supposed to install in a folder I created. Instead, it installed in the /Users/usernamehere/. It screwed my computer up big time.
  11. That doesn't sound right in any way, shape, or form.
    1) Is your computer better? (Hopefully :confused:)
    2) half_bit should take a look at it.
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    1 or 2 other users reported the same issue.
  13. I'll yell at mastermind ;)
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    @tips48 it changed all my computers permissions to 000 or something. No read,write,or execute. lol. I fixed it but yeah...
  15. Well that's a little weird. Shouldn't happen because of SpaceBukkit, you might want to check the rest of your programs :)
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    It was the auto installer thingy. the .sh
  17. Yes, I know what you meant. I was saying that you can see the code online, and nothing there should change any permissions, hence that it was likely something else.
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    Then why did the exact same thing happen to nunber_1? After he did the exact same thing ;p
    Its removed anyways now:D
  19. Eh, whatever :p I asked half_bit to look at it in the morning.
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    tips48 hawkfalcon
    Maybe the .sh, when trying to access something, access something similar on me and hawkfalcon's computers, or simply our Mac thought the .sh was a virus, therefore preventing us from opening it (which then failed).
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    Sorry for the late reply, didn't see it until now.

    That's what I thought, I've checked, doubled checked and it's still been removed!
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    Antariano Wait, so first I have to get a webserver set up using XAMPP or something similar like that and then follow the steps on http://spacebukkit.xereo.net/wiki/index.php?title=Installing, correct?

    Antariano Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help, but when I type in 'localhost' into my web browser I get directed to the XAMPP homepage. When I do localhost/SpaceBukkit, I get: Error: 400 - The requested address '/SpaceBukkit/spacebukkit/' was not found on this server.

    EDIT: Please excuse this message, I realized that if I deleted all my folders except SpaceBukkit in 'htdocs,' it would work :)))))))))))

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  24. This is the best control panel every, Perfect for my 2gb vps. I <3 yours for making this awesome panel.
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    @nunber1_Master The script isn't bugged you obviously ran it in your home directory and didn't cd to the folder
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    You obviously are accusing me of something I did not do. Two other people reported the same thing. And guess what, I don't type out 'cd /user/ [...]'. What I do is type 'cd ' then drag in the folder. So, if the startup script was in my home directory, then how come I was able to activate it from the folder I dragged in?
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    This is awesome!!! but the only thing i really need in this is some plugin folder management with some permissions to certain folders
  28. Care to explain anymore? You mean like you want users to be able to edit some plugin's settings but not all?
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    nunber1_Master Well according to your instructions
    you are running it in the home directory from that folder what you have to do is cd to the folder so
    "cd /users/myname/Desktop/test/"

    then run the install script so
    "sudo sh mac_install.sh"

    P.S. i wasn't trying to be offensive or anything i was just trying to help.
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