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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SpaceCP, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Current Version: 1.2


    Are you a bukkit server admin?
    SpaceBukkit is an advanced and completely free open-source administration panel for bukkit servers. It will make all those repetitive tasks like player and plugin management, backups andserver tasks fun and easy, so you can start playing minecraft again :D. What are you waiting for? SpaceBukkit is the most advanced panel for bukkit servers, after all!


    For a full list of features refer to our HOMEPAGE
    • General
      • Attractive Interface
      • Non lethal doses of awesomeness
      • Multiple Servers
      • Multi-user access with role setting
      • Theme Support
      • Per server - per user role settings
      • Console access
    • Dashboard
      • Pretty and quick statistics about your server
      • Activity feed - who did what, and when
      • Chat - talk with your players
    • Players
      • Player management - kick, kill, feed, heal, ban, op and more!
      • Whitelist
      • Bans
    • Plugins
      • Plugin management
      • Config editor
      • Installing and Deinstalling
      • Updating and disabling
      • Bukget integration (App-store like plugin installing)
    • Backups
      • Backup your worlds, plugins, or your entire server
      • Schedule backups
    • Worlds
      • World management
      • Multiworld support
      • Backups
      • Chunkster
      • MapAutoTrim
    • Servers
      • Craftbukkit one-click installing and updating
      • Server Properties saving
      • Schedules


    Refer to our documentation: http://home.xereo.net/documentation/


    SpaceBukkit is free if you use it personally. This basically means: as long as you do not make money directly by using SpaceBukkit (by offering it for hosting, for example) you are good to go.

    A commercial version is being programmed.
    See http://forums.xereo.net/threads/announcing-spacecp-spacebukkit-2-0-development-thread.117/

    Update: Signup for SpaceCP beta now: http://spacecp.xereo.net/

    For now, hosters may use the free version to evaluate the software. Once our full commercial product is out, you must acquire it to continue using SpaceBukkit for your business.

    We are working on the commercial version of SpaceBukkit day after day. It won't have any more features then the free version for the end user, but will be aimed for the hosters.

    This means: additional backend, user management, module management, full control, server management, individual settings, statistics and more!
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    Have fun, guys! :D
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    YEAH! I just hopped on to check, and lo and behold, I see it only moments after its posted!
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    WHOOHOOO!!!!, thanks for your hard work!!.
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    F5 F5 F5, OH GOD IT'S HERE. Installing ;)
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  7. yaaaay :D finally
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  8. Yay :D
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  10. The download button at the main page doesn't work though :(
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  12. :D
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    Info: You can find our latest recommended builds on our Jenkins.
    By the way, here is our GitHub if you want to do any pull request.
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    Keep being redirected to a directory /install, however the directory is none-existent, ran the setup file, also tried manual, no errors. I try */index.php and I have cakephp dependency errors.
  15. What Distribution/OS?
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    I get the same error.
  17. If you get the error as B3NW and macman: you will need to enable the rewrite module in your webserver.
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    How do I do that?
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    I'd need some information on this also.

    Running ubuntu, webserver is apache2.

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  20. Depends on your OS and webserver.
    Google for your OS and your webserver (most likely Apache) and "enable rewrite module", so for example: "Ubuntu apache rewrite module"
    If you still don't know what to do please join our IRC Channel #spacebukkit on irc.esper.net

    Open /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default
    Replace "AllowOverride None" with "AllowOverride All" inside the <Directory /var/www>-Tag
    Execute a2enmod rewrite
    Then execute service apache2 reload.
    It should work now.

    For the httpd webserver:
    Open /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Search for the <Directory "/var/www/html">-Tag
    Search for the "AllowOverride None" inside(!) that Tag
    Edit it to "AllowOverride All"
    Execute service httpd reload.
    It should work now.

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    Damn, been using httpd so I can view the website via example.com/spacebukkit. I'm an apache noob, I barely got phpMyAdmin installed on it, luckily that works with httpd. Could you explain how I can do the latter with sites-enabled?

    Thanks :)
  22. Edited the post ;)
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    /etc/httpd does not exist, currently aliasing it in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf using "Alias /sb /home/spacebukkit "
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    wow thank you!
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    Anyone else getting the following error after login?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in /var/www/app/View/GlobalController/maintenance.ctp on line 75
  26. I don't get what I am doing wrong but I'm sure it's something stupid - so sorry for bothering you but I followed the tutorial step by step and getting this: http://massiveminecraft.com/forums/sb
    As far I can see it I meet the requirements but maybe I miss something here, so here's the info.php
    Thanks in advance!

    I would also like to point out that step 4 isn't very well explained:
    Would be better having it like that rather then having it like "chmod this to that and that to this":
    chmod 777 ./app/webroot
    chmod 777 ./app/tmp
    chmod 777 ./app/configuration.php
    chmod 777 ./app/Config/database.php
    chmod 644 ./app/webroot/3d_skin
    And I don't even know if this is right, a example would be really helpful, is this right? :
    chown www-data:www-data /path/to/directory
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    I managed to get mine going on ubuntu 11.10, thought I would share how i did it in-case anyone else is having issues with installation.

    OS: Ubuntu 11.10 x64
    Webserver: Apache 2

    Once you have placed the required files in the their appropriate directories make sure you have enabled the required modules in apache. To do this follow these steps:

    1. Login to your webserver, and type the following in commandline
    Reload the apache config files

    Check to see if that command worked by typing in the following command

    If everything went fine, you will see output like this:

    2. Open up /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default with your preferred text editor

    Find the following block of text:

    Change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All

    Save the file and reload apache

    That should allow you to get through the install process and get SpaceBukkit up and running.
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    Had a very helpful user help me fix my woes, gotta do a bit of re-arranging however, don't want to accidently delete files, so I'll have to wait to install RTK in the morning.
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    I am getting a white screen on the step 2(the database part). When all the checks passed.
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