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    Version: v1.0.0

    SocketCraft is a light weight plugin that allows you to establish a connection to your server from another location like a webpage or a computer. You can send any console command and have it executed on the server as if you typed it in yourself. You can also send specialized commands to retrieve information such as players online.
    Included in the download is a starter sample of php to show you how to use php on your website to connect to your server.


    In the config file you need to set your login and password. You should also change the default port to one of your choice.
    Commands that can be sent to SocketCraft

    CmdConsole Send a console command. You may use any command that can be typed in the consol. Returns OK in the result on success.
    SpecialCmd Send a Special SocketCraft Command.
    @ONLINECOUNT Send request for online player count. The count is returned in the results.​
    @ONLINELIST Send request for a list of online players. The result is a comma separated list of names​

    Change log:
    New release

    Go to project page and download

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