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    Plugin category: PvP Staff (Dunno tbh)

    Minecraft version: Version 1.9.x

    Suggested name: WearableItems

    What I want: So what I would like to have, is a plugin that actually allows you to make every item wearable as armour, like the command /hat, but for every part/slot of the armour. For an example I have a disc and I want that disc to be able to be used like a chestplate.

    Ideas for commands: A very useful command could be:
    i) /wi [Item_Name/ID] set [Armor-Slot] True/False -> With this command you can make an item wearable or not. E.g /wi 2261 set 2 True (With this command the disc "mall" will be able to be used as a chestplate)

    Ideas for permissions: wearableitems.admin -> Whoever has this permission is able to access the above command(s).

    When I'd like it by: I don't even know if this is possible, but if it is I would like it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, take care!
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    @M4son You won't be able to see non-armor items except blocks as the helmet/on the head
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