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    Everyone go posting hate on his profile. We must do whatever we can to get our bukkit back. @EvilSteph please don't give up. It's not like this guy is major. I can sue him right now. Please bring bukkit back everyone will do whatever it takes
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    You have no legal grounds to sue him, really he can sue you rather due to DMCA if you've ran Bukkit. Really all Wolf is doing is playing a strategy game against Mojang, and winning.
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    I'm pretty sure it is not Mr. Wolfe's goal to kill Bukkit. His intentions may be very good for the community. Don't hate on the guy for doing what he believes is right. Copyright is a serious matter.
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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    No. Regardless of whatever emotions anyone is feeling right now, there is still no excuse to abuse any member of this community. It is 100% possible to be upset over something without turning into an angry mob. Control yourselves.

    Thread locked.
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