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    Im willing to pay for the development of a server plug in that allows for your mobs of all kinds to bleed when damaged. IS there anyone talented with drive and a desire to make this plug in come to life?
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    First of all this should be in the Plugin Request section.
    Also this would require a Clientside Mod if you want Blood Particles or something.

    Best Regards
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    Well you can make the smoke effect play when a creeper gets damaged, but for any new type of effect a client-sided mod is required. (Also, it could be it only plays the sound, not the effect)
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    Bleeding as a plug-in should be possible.
    Just when a mob gets hit decide if its a bloody strike or not.

    And if it is, than set a delay on damaging the mob more.
    Damage-blood: 1 #In half hearts
    Damaging-duration: 6000 #In milli seconds
    Once-in: 1000 #How often it suffocates Also in milli seconds

    Also McMMO shows up with this.
    They ability Swords is giving you a bleed chance.
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    you could use redstone as a spray of blood =3=
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    Clientside Mod, however I can do this plugin to create smoke particles and shoot redstone out like what bleachisback said. This just uses the Bukkit API doc. PM me if your interested.
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    everything you said sounds like what im looking for, doesn't even need to be that complicated. just want the mob to bleed when hit, more blood the better, the more kinds the better. no need for them to bleed out either. just the effect of blood splashing or pouring or anything that looks good.
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    Yeah you can't transfer custom content to your clients (yet), so no good-looking blood effect without a client mod installed at the clients. Or spam lots of redstone around the entity as bleachisback said. :)
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    Theres blood in DefaultCommands. :)
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    ok wow thats some new news. how do i get to this blood in the default commands?? what do i do?? and yeah if there was a client side mod i would use it and so would all me members. anyone know of one for client side mod blood?? i know this evilminecraft is gonna be cool when its done. http://www.evil-minecraft.net/
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    Its in the per-world Config.yml, "blood: true".
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    I can make a separate plugin for that.
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    i have 2 normal worlds running in multiverse and nether, NONE of them have a .yml config file in them.....

    i was told i would need a client side mod to see blood splattering or pouring, and i read none like making plug ins that require a client side mod. what would you be looking for once its done? and can you describe how the bloods gonna look, or keep me posted as your developing it?

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    sorry mine dont have a deaultcommands folder at all......wierd balls
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    Then maybe try installing DefaultCommands?
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    Oh yeah, of course you need to install the plugin first. xD
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    @clitcomander I can create it without client side mod. All I had to do is create smoke effect and drop like 2-4 redstone when they're damaged.
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    I tried to make a blood plugin as well on this thread.
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