way to get moon phase or fullTime from console

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    I'm interested in a console command that would let me either get the current moon phase of a world, or the full time of a world. If I can get the fulltime, I can just calculate what the moon phase is from there.

    Does such a thing exist already?
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    Hi! I can do this very easily. One question however:

    How can you calculate the moon phase based on the full time?

    Once you tell me that I can make the plugin do it for you. ;)
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    I could be wrong, but I think the following would work: If you assume the following to be true

    1.) there are 24000 ticks in a minecraft day
    2.) there are 8 phases of the moon

    You should be able to figure out the phase of the moon, since they repeat in 8 day cycles.

    See what I mean? I could rough out the pseudocode if needed.
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    Sorry about the delay, I've gotten caught up with another project today. I'll start work on this right now. :)

    Hi! I've added this to my up-and-coming plugin InfoBukkit. While all it does now is display time information, it will be able to inform you about memory usage and performance in later versions. :)

    Use the command "/info time" (or "/i time" for short) to have a look at the current moon phase.

    You can download it here.

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    Cool. Works perfectly, though the /i command conflicts with Essentials /item shortcut (/i)

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