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    I have two questions.

    1. Is it possible to change the waterlevel in minecraft. (layer 64 to layer 32)

    2. Which plugin is the best for time set. (for example: day 15 min and night 5 min)
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    Is this not a forum?
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    in his special way, he was trying to tell you that you can search all of the plugins by going here:
    you can browse by category, or just type in search terms

    noon lets you set it to be always day time.. in that thread, there is a new one mentioned that might better suit your needs, but i forget what it was

    not sure about water level, although you could just edit the map w/ mc edit
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    No, and you would have noticed that if you went there.
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    andre_9796 can you read?
    because that one is a general question - not look for a plugin.
    2. could well be that someone used and it is recommended
    bist du ein frustriert deutscher? weil in minecraft.de auch solche Antworten kommen
    @ mughi
    thank you, try it with mcedit!
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    your dumb...
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