(Water) Locks.

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    I want to first clarify what this plugin would do.
    The principle idea is that this plugin would allow a certain enclosed area of water to either raise or lower one level at a time. So basically a Lock system for minecraft.

    The reason I would want this is because I have a pre-1.8 server map that the water level is one higher than the 1.9 maps/world generation methods, and my server is dependent on sea travel.

    This plugin would be easiest to use with craftable boats, but it could also work with movecraft in that you can disable the requirement on submarines to have no holes. This then allows boats to go up or down a block.

    If it is possible it would be nice to incorporate this into the plugin itself (the lowering of the boat) but that would be much harder, so for now just the water level.

    I personally have almost no coding skill, but I can help "manage" the plugin/project, and I don't care if you take all the credit or whatever. I just would really like to see this plugin come about.

    Anyways, Thanks for reading, and I hope that someone can help :p

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