Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jdroppert, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Hacking

    Suggested name: WatchDogs

    What I want: I want a watch Dogs Plugin With These Hacks;
    BlackOut - That all the lights go off
    Traffic Lights - If u click on a green wool it turnes to red and if u click on red it goes to green
    Spikes - If u click on a spike it goes up (Spike = Iron bar)
    Barriers - same purpose but then its a cobble wall
    SteamPipe - if u click on a steampipe it will explode and water goes everywhere but it replaces every block
    Player Hacking - If u click on a player there comes a GUI to steal 10$ and give them slowness/Blindness
    bank Account - U can hack NPC by clicking on them and get Random money
    Atm - U can hack ATM's by clicking on them u get like 200$ but if fail u get slowness

    Ideas for commands:
    /WatchDogs Phone (to get the Phone)
    /WatchDogs hack list (to see the Hack List)
    If you have other commands u would like to add suggest it!!!

    Ideas for permissions:
    WatchDogs.Hack.[The hack]

    When I'd like it by: Really Really Quik

    You can use every API you need!
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    Sounds cool!
    Hope someone makes it!
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    Your Best Chance Is HawkEye Already a Pluggin. A Sercuity Pluggin
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    @GapplesEdge , I think that @Jdroppert is referring to the popular video game called "Watch Dogs". Anyways he is not really searching for a security plugin more likely a replica of the Watch Dogs video game.
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    Ohhhhh Thanks I Try To Find One @O566
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