Wasn't 1.5 supposed to be the API update ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Pr4w, Mar 13, 2013.

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    As we were closing in on 1.5 I started to lose hope that the API would be out with 1.5... Was I the only one to think it was going to be released in 1.5 ? oO
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    No this was confirmed last year it wasn't going to be a MODAPI update.

    Don't hold your breath, and enjoy Bukkit. :)
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    Nah, postphoned to 1.6. Yep!
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    So it's been postponed each version since 1.2-3. I'm just assuming we're never going to see the API D:
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    We are going to see one, just not yet. It's really hard to write such an API, since it also requires a LOT of refractoring on the servers side.
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    Only when you write code thinking extensibility is being able to touch your toes :p
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    Just kidding. I hope they do it eventually... I want Computercraft on my vanilla server.
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    I hope the API will never be available. If I heard correctly, it will make the resources for the server increase, meaning it will use more RAM, which for running 6-8 servers extremely costly.
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    People say ANYTHING makes Minecraft use more RAM and CPU, no matter what.

    "Minecraft reduced memory useage by figuring out a new algorithm for chunk loading"

    "Yeah but I don't want them to do that because it uses more RAM and makes me pay more for hosting"

    In other words, most people don't know what they're talking about.
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    I'm pretty sure there's been a demand for a modding API since alpha, and every time a new Minecraft version without the API comes out I always hear "It'll be in the next update!" Maybe 1.6 will be the one we've all been waiting for. Or maybe 1.7, who knows :rolleyes:
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    One thing is for sure. When it sis released, it will be worth the wait!
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    Yeah...Minecraft II 1.7...
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    It's too bad it's taken this long since the announcement for less than 1% progress, hopefully they've been working on it this whole time. I could 100% care less about the redstone update, my favorite part of the update is the slightly better light rendering engine and the bug fixes...
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    Like I said, I heard from several people who informed me of this. Not aware if its true or not. Although, Utilizing the Mod API will cause more need of RAM due to suddenly running mods on the server (If the Mod is Server Sided)
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    Bukkit plugins are mods (of a certain type) that run on the server side. There's no particular reason that Mojang's API would necessitate use of additional RAM by the server.
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    They made it up entirely or believed a rumor/lie from someone else. The Mod API hasn't even been created yet, how could anyone know if it uses more memory if hasn't even been designed yet?
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    Maybe 1.7 will have the Mod API.

    *4 years later*
    March 13, 2017
    "We finally released the Mod API!"
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    Yes, but what I mean is utilizing these mods same as plugins will use ram. I can just see whenever this API comes out many server owners will rush to fill there servers up with mods.

    Just look at Tekkit servers, 4GB for like 20 Slots due to all the modifications.
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    Why is this a problem then? If you just download plugin you need everything should be OK. Other people not doing that isn't your problem.
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    But I do enjoy looking at what is left of a good Minecraft Community (The small portion that is not Griefed, 10 Year Old Staffed, etc) and having people to compete with. I compete my servers with the servers that are ranked around me. It kind of gives me the motivation to do things, while the other motivation comes from my donators, staff, and regular players.
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    There's already plenty of server owners who are bent on running every plugin and mod under the sun to attract players. If you've been able to maintain a steady playerbase without doing that so far, there's no reason that you suddenly won't be able to compete without extensively modifying gameplay once the Mojang-official API is released.

    There's always going to be some percentage of players who prefer a "lightweight" or closer-to-vanilla experience, even if the number of available server mods somehow skyrockets once Mojang's API comes out. There's no need to worry about suddenly having to install lots of mods to keep up with the competition if you "compete" for a different section of the playerbase than those other, heavily modded servers are trying to attract ;)
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    My motivation dried up earlier this year, server progress has been stagnant and the player base has seen little to no expansion. Donations have been absent and spending all day improving the server is getting less appealing every day. I run a medium sized survival pvp server, real old school type of server. All aspects of the server are depressing and I'm contemplating either letting my domains expire later this year, or sell the server for what it's worth...
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    Of course running plugins use more RAM. Of course making the API for it will use more ram, just like bukkit does if you compare it to vanilla. and so what, Craftbukkit has an API and still use a raisonnable amount of ram.
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