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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: PvPWarping

    What I want:

    A warp system for my server that allows players to add 'x' amount of warps.
    The 'x' depends on their permission node.
    For example: Group 'noob' is allowed to add maximum of 5 warps, and 'vip' is allowed to add 10 warps etc...

    Max warps for groups:

    noob: 5
    vip: 10
    mvp: 15
    pro: 20

    Ideas for commands:

    /Warp Set [WarpName] //set a warp
    /Warp delete [WarpName] //delete a warp
    /Warp [WarpName] //warp to a user set warp
    /Warp list //display all the warps available
    Ideas for permissions: warp.noob (5 Warps) warp.vip ( 10 warps)
    warp.mvp ( 15 warps) warp.pro ( 20 warps)
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    Fail? :D
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    Essentials does this and exactly this the warps per group option is in the config mate

    highly recommend
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    you mean home per group.
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    AW bugger you're right amateur mistake.....

    Solution #2
    Use Variable Triggers + any warp plugin

    Replace setwarp command with a new one you make in Vtriggers that does 3 things
    1) Make a integer variable and add +1 to it
    2) Make a string variable and add the warp name to it.
    3) Setwarp IF the integer variable is not above the Max Warps

    then replace delwarp command with a new one that
    1) Decreases the Integer Variable -1
    2) Removes a warp only if it matches a stringname that you created (so you cant delete somone elses warp)
    3) deletes the warp

    Yaaay. no new plugin needed again.
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