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    Plugin category: Warp

    Suggested name: somethingwarpy

    What I want: I basically want a warp plugin that charges players per distance warped, x cost for xxx blocks. Configurable would be nice.

    Ideas for commands:
    /warp set
    /warp rename
    /warp cost <block> <distance> - to change the cost if it doesn't pan out the first time
    /warp reload - because obvious
    /warp <place>

    Ideas for permissions: permission per each command would be ideal

    When I'd like it by: I'm not picky take your time and make something nice.
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    Hmm. Interesting, do you have a cost per distance idea yet? Like, what would you set it as.
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    Your concept is valid but it would help to format your post. It would help elaborate on the idea for a potential plugin to be created.
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    Formatted, and my economy uses GoldIsMoney so I'm not sure default settings for me would be valid for other economies, but I'd probably do 1-5 ingots per 100 blocks traveled depending on how that pans out
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    I can do it and will add a config so you can set cost/distance. Do you have essentials?

    Okay. I just finished testing the plugin. It needs Essentials so it works because it takes the warps from there. Normally servers got this already, but if you need it get it from here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/essentials/ (it's awesome)

    use /setwarp to set a warp (essentials command)
    Don't give the players you want to get gold taken away the essentials warp command (essentials.warp)
    Instead of that you give them this permission: cwarp.use
    This will allow them to use the /cwarp <name> command.

    In the config you will find a variable named "distance". Define in there for each new distance of travelling they need to pay one gold ingot. (e.g. 15m = 1ingot, 435m = 5ingots, etc.)

    If they don't have enough ingots they can't warp. After warping it tells them how many blocks they travelled and how much they had to pay.


    Questions/ Bugfixes etc.:
    Skype: kaygeenine (or just leave me a forum message)

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    I probably won't use this anytime soon, but this is a dam well good idea.
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    Been playing with this a bit, is there any way you could add a cost check in so someone can find out the rate?

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