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    Greetings !

    Dear developers i'm looking for a Plugin that simply warps all player online to a certain


    - A simple command that warps all players online to a certain (previously set) location x.

    Suggested name:

    - WarpAll

    Possible commands:

    - /warpall set : sets warp-to location
    -/warpall : warps all player to warp location


    - I want to warp all players logged into the server to a given location to bring them back to a server-lobby, based on a timer.

    Other Plugins:

    There are quite a lot of plugins that allow to warp all players to another player (op) but
    i couldn't find any that simply warps them to a location / to spawn.

    Example: WarpAllHere


    Currently i'm solving this by killing all player online.

    If there is a plugin that does the job please let me know. I couldnt find any.

    Thanks for reading.
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    sure i'll make this.
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    Wow awesome. Thanks alot !
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    Do you have essentials? just do /tpall
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    Sorry I was so late in releasing this. Well, I guess its the same day, but I finished this plugin a while ago. I just never got around to uploading it. Now its out there and awaiting approval.

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    /tpall - /<command> [player] The target once again is a player.

    Nice :) Thanks !
    Could you add a Dropbox link or something to predownload it before approval is out ?
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    You can warp yourself than do /tpall and do /back (?)
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    This plugin is made for an automated timer based system on a server. Im not online 24/7
    And i dont want to "/command what ever" every time a lets say arena match ends.
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    Well sorry I didn't release a dropbox link earlier. 1: I think those are pretty frowned down upon on the forums and 2: the project has been approved.
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    Simon Peppitt

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    Works perfectly. Easy to use and does what it is expected to do.
    Thank you !

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