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    To announce this post, I would like the theme of warning players. Under the command of /warn <name> <reason>.

    Plugin category: Punishments

    Suggested name: EasyPunish

    What I want: I'd like to see perhaps some good punishment plugin made for me containing the commands below. The plugin can please have a configuration able to edit the broadcast post with the variables:
    [target] - The user that was targeted.
    [by] - The command sender.
    [reason] - Implemented command reason.
    I am also requesting requests with COMMANDS ON WARN as in the 2nd warn, they get muted for 10 minutes. Etc.
    Configuring usually with:
    # W A R N I N G S
    #Suggested by MrRedstone9000
    #Created by <creatorsname>
    #This will define the on-warn commands. Such as on the 2nd warn, the user can be muted.
    #Custom Commands:
    Warning1: <command>
    Warning2: <command>
    Warning3: <command>
    #You can add more warnings if you continue the sequence. Such as "Warning4:" on another line.
    #This is where you can define the broadcast message when a user is warned.
    #You can use variables such as [by] [reason] and [target] for the targeted player, command sender, and reason.
    Broadcast Message: "&c[target] &7has been warned for &e[reason] &7by &e[by]."
    #In this part you can define the message sent to the target.
    #Use the variables above [by] [target] [reason].
    Target Message: "&cYou were warned by [by] for [reason]"
    #You can also set the message when you use /dwarn, in which that deletes the LAST warning of the player. This will send a message to the command sender.
    Dwarn Message: "[target]'s last warning has been deleted."
    #End of Config File
    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands:
    /warn <name> <reason> - Warn a player with a reason.
    /dwarn <name> - Delete user's last warning.
    /seewarns <name> - See's all warnings. (dwarned warnings will not appear)
    /clearwarns <name> - Clears all users warnings.
    /warns reload - Reload plugin and configuration.

    Ideas for permissions:
    warns.warn /warn
    warns.dwarn /dwarn
    warns.seewarns /seewarns
    warns.deletewarns - /dwarn
    warns.reload - /warns reload

    When I'd like it by: Wednesday this week or earlier. (post the plugin on some download site NOT THE DEVELOPER SITE please. :))

    Thanks for reading whoever will develop this!

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    This is great idea, I like it. Hopefully we can use it for your server.
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    i will see what i can do for you :)

    where would you like the list of warned people to be stored? (file, hashmap, etc.)

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    file thanks

    **Coder Found. Thread will be [Filled] unless the coder retires the job**

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