Want to take over my plugin(s)?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BillyGalbreath, Apr 21, 2014.

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    I can take over either ExpRestore or Pl3xJail

    Doesn't matter what I get ;)
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    I know some, if not all of you are going through this... So, I'll accept PMs if you have any specific questions about the code. I'll try to reply as quick as possible with any help I can give.

    The Gaming Grunts Pl3xPets, ItemframeRotation, ExpRestore, and ExpRanks are all now yours.

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  5. BillyGalbreath
    Great. I promise to take care of them to the best of my abilities :)

    Edit: I'd also be willing to take on Pl3xRecipes if no one else wants to. I see some things I'd like to add to it :)
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    BillyGalbreath Im willing to take over Pl3xSmite if its still available! PM me if it is! Or this one BroadcastCoords! Hope they are still available!
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  8. BillyGalbreath How can I get the source for the plugins I took over for you? :p I have never taken over a project before, and haven't needed to import projects into Eclipse xD
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    tylerthecreeper1 The easiest way is to create a BitBucket account (if you already don't have one) and fork the project (dont forget to make it a public fork). Then you can download it and import to eclipse.

    BitBucket is a git repository, just like Github. The real bonus of it is that its completely free for the things Github charges for.

    All of my projects are setup to work with maven for easy updates and compiles. Just import a new maven project into eclipse, supply it the root path of the project (where the pom.xml is), and import. Done. Eclipse will handle all the rest*.

    * For maven, you must have maven installed on your system, and eclipse has a maven plugin (m2e) that can be installed from the market place.
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  11. badboysteee98 Thanks, I already found them :)

    I have never used Github or BitBucket, or Maven.. Would you be able to help me out?
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    tylerthecreeper1 Sure thing I use BitBucket so make an account on there then add me on skype
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    BillyGalbreath thanks man! Any way you can send me the source? (I can decompile it with JD-GUI, but the code produced in that isn't very well).
    I'll fork the bitbucket, sorry for not reading stuff :S
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    Other than me accidentally skipping you, no. I meant to come back to you, but the post was buried. Theres still a few left to pick from, although not the ones you wanted.
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    BillyGalbreath Hmm, I have some ideas for Pl3xMobLimiter. And I'd also be happy to take Pl3xRecipes if that's okay. :)
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    Thanks, I'll make sure the plugin thrives and lives on :)

    I think cities should be given to metalhead, and if he doesn't want it I'll take it over, although I'm not sure how well I'll be able to make it since I'm limited when it comes to worldedit and worldguard api.

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    AdamQpzm Pl3xRecipes and Pl3xMobLimiter are now yours.
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