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    Hello devs.
    I would love to know how would i make a wand who freezez player for 3 sec when hit that player.
    And how would i make teleport wand that teleports you that location that you are looking at.
    And wand that spawns primed tnt upon player. Tnt would not make explosion only blast.

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    The Fancy Whale

    Well if you hit a player with the wand you can do a couple of things such as, get the frozen players location and if they try to move teleport them back to that location. For the teleport wand you need to get the coords of where the wand is aiming and teleport. (not sure which part of that confused you)
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    Your wand would have a zoned effect right ?

    Just look at where the player is looking at when he's got the wand in his hand and get that block, get the <radius> blocks near it for your zone and check in your zone if it contains a player. If it does apply effect.
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    To be honest, it doesn't look like you wanna do a lot of work on that plugin. This is more like a small plugin request. Not to mention these effects are really simple, just search around and find something.
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    You would like to know how?
    Well to freeze a player
    1. Create a listener to listen to an entity attacking an entity event
    2. Check if both the player and the damager are players
    3. Check if the item in the hand of the damager is the wand
    4. Add the player's name (the one who got hit) to a set<String>
    5. Create a runnable that after 3 seconds will remove the player's name from the set
    5. Then create a onPlayerMove event
    6. In this event check to make sure that the block to and from are not the same (less lags)
    7. Then check if the player's name is in the set
    8. If it is then cancel the event
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    I think freezing can also be more easily accomplished by adding a slowness effect with Max power.

    But yeah I'd be surprised if there weren't wand plugins out there already that do all this. Mine does two out of three, and I'll be adding a spell to do potion effects I think. Was debating that since, you know, potions exist already for most of it.
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    I am not making Wands plugin. I am making minigame with wizards.
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    Well if your creating a minigame, you should have the knowledge to do this..
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