Solved Wall_SIGN problem

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by gamemakertim, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I want my plugin a plate where a particular text on it.
    I tried this but it didnt work...
        public void SetSign(int xint yint z,World w){
    Location l = new Location(wxyz);
    Material s Material.WALL_SIGN;
    Can enybody help me?
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    Material.WALL_SIGN.getId() << Think that should work?
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    xDjBomber So you want him to map a Integer to a Material? *facepalm*

    gamemakertim What exactly goes wrong? Does the sign pop off instantly? Set the correct data value! Else: Did you try to add debugging, like this:
    1. public void setSign(int x, int y, int z,World w){
    2. System.out.print("Setting sign");
    3. Location l = new Location(w, x, y, z);
    4. Material s = Material.WALL_SIGN;
    5. System.out.print(l.getBlock().getType());
    6. l.getBlock().setType(s);
    7. System.out.print(l.getBlock().getType());
    8. }

    Also are you sure the coordinates you pass to that function are correct?
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    You'll probably need to use block.setTypeIdAndData() to set the block id and data value simultaneously. If you just set the block id using block.setType() or block.setTypeId(), a physics check will be done and your sign will immediately pop off if the data value isn't correct (and the default 0 data is never correct for a wall sign).
    l.getBlock().setTypeIdAndData(Material.WALL_SIGN.getId(), datatrue);
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Yep, you should set the data values.
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    How to set it to north,south,east,west?
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    Tanks :D
    it works...
    didnt get the clue that 0x2 that the 2 stands for the byte input
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