VoxelPort configurable prices per trip

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    Basically what I want is a a price through vault which will be deducted when a player uses the specified VoxelPort. So I make a VoxelPort, do something like '/VPF set [Port Name] [Price]' and then when a VoxelPort activates, anyone inside it gets that amount of money removed.
    VPF is for VoxelPortFare

    /VPF set [Port Name] [Price]
    sets the price for the VoxelPort
    /VPF clear [Port Name]
    removes the price from a port

    People with this don't have to pay
    Use of 'set' and 'clear' would be dictated by the admns.txt used for all VoxelBox plugins.

    No rush but available within 1-2 weeks is best. Thanks for reading.
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    You may want to talk to the Voxel boys for this. :/
    they have a forum you know.

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