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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by wachnlurn, Jan 31, 2012.

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    With the arrival of PHP scripts allowing for automated payment (diamonds) after users vote on many of the popular minecraft voting sites. I see that none of these sites can accurately determine what servers players actually find fun.

    Soon many, many servers will have access to similar scripts and any server without said scripts will simply not be able to keep up with the traffic generated without (thus providing more votes more traffic more votes. on and on)

    Hmm maybe diamonds will be the definitive currency on these servers with so much in circulation on a daily basis.
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    Hmm, Minestatus is one of the biggest lists, and it's had this feature since at least June.

    I don't see much of a change... Sure, it now takes a lot more votes to hit the front page, and it's not quite as useful of a tool for smaller servers..
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    PHP has been around for a long ass time... This is the way it has always been, and it is still how it will always be. When I look at a top MC server list, I see the top list as servers with an active community, I dont go ahead believing that the server at the top of the list is best because in lots of cases its not. Finding the right MC server is difficult for many people, but having an active community helps make the gameplay a lot better.
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    Nathan C

    Not sure what you are getting at in the OP.

    Although these voting sites are a joke. There is no possible way little servers can even start off and get near the top, due to the top 10 always having over 200 votes an hour. It is really not fair and is a a stupid system, but there is nothing much we can do.

    And like Shaun says, imo I do not think the top servers are the best. I join any of those and they tend to be the most laggy messes I ever go on. What is the fun when there is 2 second chat delay and 4 second block lag, on top of horrible player movement lag? And no, I am not talking about all top servers are like that, just mainly ones like LegendaryCraft that think they can beat the limits of hardware and run 300 on one server.
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    Imho, Minestatus was much better back when it was possible to hit the front page with only a few hundred votes (by the end of the month, not in the first 3 days!), and sponsored slots weren't going for $400-$500 each.

    Might as well quote my post from another thread here.

    Nathan C

    On the topic of pushing the limits and big servers — I agree.

    Look at some of the comments for LC.

    In addition:

    And pwned:

    As if this wasn't enough, here's some more:

    And then an entire mini-thread of lulz on the minestatus profile

    All this, from ONE of the top servers.

    If I owned LC, I'd invest in a i7, overclock it, stuff 32GB (or 64GB if it's a 3960X) into it, pop 4 SSDs into RAID 10, and attempt to optimize the server as much as possible, maybe even hiring that guy running craftlandia to optimize it (considering what LC rakes in per month, I think they could easily get him to set it up). Also, I'd increase the amount of staff, and insta-ditch essentials. Also, I'd be more open about communication. Wishful thinking on my side, but this would improve LC by quite a bit.

    Edit: I've been digging through their site, the layout sucks and the spelling/grammar is childish... Also, they keep on making incorrect/false claims, for example claiming to have beaten the players online record!

    Alls well and good, but the Yogscast holds that title, at 900 online players on a SINGLE server, and Craftlandia also beats that record, with 3x 300 slot servers on a SINGLE dedi, all of which are mostly full most of the time.

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    Nathan C

    There used to be this one website back in the day. What it would do, is randomize who was on top every hour. That way new guys or small servers were given a chance to be on the top for 1 hour. And my server was once on that, we got so much traffic it was insane.

    Miss that website and am not sure what happened to it.
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    Hmm, I might remember that, did it start up around May 2011 or July 2011? Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong one.

    I can get insane traffic in 5 seconds, but it's griefers and LQ members, all I have to do is post it on avo's channel or planet minecraft.

    And last time I did that (planet minecraft only), while I almost instantly hit 15 players, it was followed up with a script kiddie sending me a present in the form of a 6 minute UDP flood :(.
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    Yeah, I tried advertising on Planet Minecraft before. Was a horrible mistake and took a while to clean up after a ton of people trying to flood and grief my server.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    Any system based on votes can be manipulated , a system based on financial compensation is just wrong , combining these systems is a sign of greed tbh. Also advertising your server on a few of these websites attract griefers cause its public and there is no way to change that. There is no perfect system at this moment. Doubt there will ever be one but one cannot give up hope
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    You know what I find absolutely disgusting? People are actually paying into this shit.


    My server costs are $30 p/m from a GSP. If I had a steady amount of donations like this, while on my hosting I have now, I'd honestly be shitting myself and getting a top of the line dedicated server, then not accepting donations anymore. I'm grateful I even get $5 donations here and there. That's 1/6th of my hosting for the month.

    Hell, I got a $100 donation from someone who's been close to my server since it started. The reason? "thanks for 18 months of fun", and said player hasn't had over donator rank, which doesn't have much more perms than block hats. You don't need thousands of dollars to run a fun server.

    But how the in hell do you require $70,000 PER MONTH? For around $4000 per month, I could go and get 64GB RAM, 2Gbps uplink and some quad processor 10 core CPU. I seriously don't understand. Massive scam.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    i run my own server and yes i get donations now and then. Donators get their special thingies but if i had to pay for my server with donations the server wouldnt have been online since october 2010.
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    i can't even get 1 person to come on one of my servers AND STAY FOR 10 MINS Letalone 1 day
    all they do these days is grief, shits me off.
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    Agreed :p

    I finally started seeing some donations from players this month, which is great, because my server is finally a bit less of a financial burden, but I wasn't in this to make money in the first place.

    The problem with LC is that the owner is in this to make money, not to run a community. $70k? For about $670/month you could get a i7-3930K from datashack with a gigabit line and 4 128GB SSDs in RAID 10, plus 64GB RAM. With 70K in donations, you could run that for well over 8 years!
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    70k a month is a fucking well paying job!
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