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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by XSilverSlayerX, May 10, 2014.

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    I am in need of a vote counting/rewards plugin that every time someone votes for your server your # of votes for that server for that month increases. I also need a command with this plugin where you can type /rewards and it will say,
    You have [#] votes!

    10 Votes = Prot 5 Diamond Armor
    20 Votes = 64 Diamonds
    300 Votes = 32 Coal

    Once you have reached 10 votes it would give you Prot 5 Diamond Armor in your inventory. Things like that, i have found several plugins that vote count but they are in active and do not work. I have not been able to find a /rewards plugin, or a plugin that does both.

    I have seen this on many servers, but no matter how hard i look i cannot find one.
    Please post a link if you find one.
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    Votifier doesnt do that.

    Search for - Give anything listener.
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    Thats not what im looking for, i need a plugin that counts the votes a player makes, rewards them for so many votes, and has a /rewards command that displays how many votes you have and the rewards for getting so many votes.
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    Still not what im looking for, i need a counter that rewards a player AFTER they have for example 5 votes and gives them the set reward for that amount of votes with the /rewards command included.
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    andrew chi

    Vote roulette works.
    use milestones
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    There is no /rewards command. I need a super simple plugin.
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    GAListener includes normal vote rewards, lucky vote rewards, and culminative (Vote-counting) rewards.

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