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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TourmalineTitan, Apr 2, 2021.

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    Minecraft Version: 1.16.5

    Name: Vortex

    The plugin lets a person create two types of vortexes, one that pushes players and entities away from it and one that sucks in players and entities. The plugin allows a person to define the direction that the vortex that pushes or pulls players and the range that it starts at.

    These are the options for creating a vortex.


    {Direction}: North, South, West, East, and Full

    Class: {Pull} : P {Suck}: S

    {Type}: 90 and 360

    {Start}: Starting Location

    {End}: Ending Location

    {Size}: 3x3, 6x6 and 12x12

    {speed}: 1 – 10

    {Teleport}: Location


    /Vox Create

    /Vox Delete Name

    Example of how the options are used.

    This is the command used to create a vacuum tube.

    /vox create Doom North S 90 x:66,y:63,z:-781 x:58,y:63,z:-781 3x3 0,0,0

    This command creates a vortex that sucks in at 360

    /vox create Doom2 Full S 360 x:66,y:63,z:-781 x:66,y:63,z:-781 3x3 0,0,0
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    Can someone tell me if this is possible or not, I now think that it cant be done.
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    I mean in theory you could teleport the player by their distance? But it wouldn't be efficient nor probably look good.
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    You could probably set the velocity of a player when he's in range but don't know if this will cause lag
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    You could use an async task to cycle all vortex's and update them and entities in range, which would cause no lag at all since it's on an individual thread.
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    So is anyone inserted in making this thing?
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    I'm on it but I'm not sure when I got enough time to finish it. End of the week I guess
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    The only issue I am having is that it pulls or pushes everything from bedrock to the build limit, instead of having it confined to a 3x3 space.
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    Oops. I updated it (same link)
    I also added a config option to enable/disable vertical movement...You will see what this means when you test it
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    Thank You, It works just like I want.
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    Plugin called MagicSpells has all kinds of tricks. One is grab any mob type/player.
    "grab mob type/player?" xD
    Cause target to levitate so it just hovers where you point. Throw it or gently set it down.
    Cause target to fly away at up/horizontal speeds suffering gravity after.
    Cause target to suffer inumerable effects, magic, manipulations.
    Cause target to pull all other list of mobs in area to it and then kill all mobs.
    Cause changes to target stats such as size, wool colour, baby true/false, villager type.
    Run any NBT commands at target.

    This plugin does all those things and massive list more way back to MC 1.6
    works excellent in 1.16+
    Search for same plugin name but by Nisovin for older than 1.12 MC version.
    Does anything an OP can do with unlimited command size to play with
    plus loads of particles and tricks.
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